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On-Demand Webinars | Media Training: Working Effectively with the Media

Getting the organization and your programs visibility in the media is vital. It raises awareness of your organization and its mission. It helps increase visibility to donors and support your fundraising efforts. And it is critical to your effectiveness as an advocate. This two-part member webinar training series is designed to help increase your media savvy and help you fully leverage the opportunity to gain earned media coverage to get your story out. 

Tips and tricks for successful media interviews: This introductory session teaches you how to effectively work with the media, conduct an interview, and develop your own personal style. Learn how to get your message across to tell the story you want told. 

Media and Advocacy - How to work with the media to support your advocacy agenda: Media relationships are an important part of advocacy, if you want to pass legislation, tell your story about funding changes or the need for policy changes on behalf of our clients. Learn traditional and social media tips for supporting your advocacy efforts. Learn how communications plan goes hand in hand with advocacy. We will share tips for getting your advocacy message across to build grassroots and stakeholder support.

This resource is exclusive to GCN members.

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