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Get together with a giving culture – for GAgives and beyond

The success of GAGives, the homegrown generosity movement, also reflects, quite clearly, the way that the spirit of giving brings people together – an opportunity that nonprofit CEOs and EDs should take note of not only for its potential to unite external supporters, but to foster connection within their nonprofits.


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Conflict and the intergenerational board

Demographics and technology are driving change within our organizations at all levels. GCN Consulting are seeing more and more intergenerational conflict crop up in nonprofit Boards of Directors. These can arise in many different forms, from strategy to fundraising to board development, but the underlying issues involve the same dynamics: generation-specific interests and beliefs, and how willing each board member is to hear and understand those outside their cohort.


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How strategic planning happens, pt. one: From environmental scan to the board-staff retreat

In part one, we’ll look at environmental scan and the board-staff planning retreat. In part two, we’ll talk briefly about the draft-and-refine process and board approval, then go a bit more in-depth into the implementation plan – a critical aspect that’s too often forgotten.


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Let’s be Candid: What the big new merger promises nonprofits

GCN CEO Karen Beavor sat down with Candid Executive Vice President Jacob Harold, formerly President & CEO of GuideStar, to find out what went into the team-up, and what their combined efforts mean for the sector’s future.


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Four types of leaders – and the one you need

One of the common problems we see in our work at GCN’s Nonprofit Consulting Group is a mismatch between the skills of the executive and the needs of the organization – such as the need to grow, change, or restructure due to changes in the environment.


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Tips for happy, hardworking volunteers

Founded in 2001, HomeAid Atlanta is a nonprofit organization that builds, renovates, and maintains facilities for nonprofits serving people experiencing homelessness. HomeAid has completed over 120 projects at locations for victims of domestic violence, teen mothers, veterans, and more, utilizing connections with building industry professionals and community organizations.


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Honing your partnership pitch: Georgians go big for corporations that give back

As nonprofits across the state gear up their GAgives on #GivingTuesday campaigns, and start seeking matching grants and other partnerships from the state’s businesses, new statewide research released from goBeyondProfit bolsters the case for a team-up.


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How strategic planning happens, part two: Preparing for launch

In part one of my recap, I covered highlights from our discussion of the environmental scan and the board-staff planning retreat. Here, I’ll tackle the draft-and-refine process and board approval, then get into the implementation plan – a critical aspect that’s too often overlooked.


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The value of difference: Leadership lessons on inclusion and equity

Each year, GCN’s High Potential Diverse Leaders program (HPDL) brings together a cohort of nonprofit professionals to develop the skills, knowledge, and networks to take on top roles in the sector. In response to the changing needs of the sector, this year’s curriculum was updated to include a number of currently-trending topics that will only prove more important in the future.


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Theory, practice, and how they’re measured: MAAC preps for constant change

This year, the Building Community Network program – a partnership among GCN, The Home Depot Foundation, and hundreds of select Atlanta-area nonprofits – has focused on tactics and strategies for leading in times of change. Over the course of four events, leaders from over 100 network partners have come together to learn, practice, and discuss change management with the organizations and experts leading the way.


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Your all-in-one talent management solution from GCN

Exclusively for member nonprofits, our Nonprofit University + ThinkHR Subscription delivers year-round professional development and training for your team; unlimited on-call support from certified HR pros; and interactive HR and talent compliance tools.


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CENSUS 2020 | Tools and Resources for Nonprofits

We're just one year out from the decennial Census. GCN has put together some of the most vital resources and news sources to support nonprofits and community leaders who want to ensure that their constituents are represented in the 2020 count. A complete and accurate count has critical implications on our organizations and those we serve on a daily basis. Consider this: The failure to count just 10 households containing 2.5 people in your county could result in the loss of $334,750 over the 10-year census period.


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Like a boss: Your role in the new leadership model

Today, everyone needs to contribute directly to strategic goals – which means everyone needs the chance to become full-fledged strategists. How to think about advancement – yours and others’ – with new tips from Senior Consultant Mary Hughes.

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A benefit that pays back: Financial planning for your people

Nonprofit employers need cost-friendly ways to retain talent, and we could all use help offsetting salaries that continually fall behind those in other sectors. Senior Consultant Mary Bear Hughes explores a compelling solution to both challenges: personal financial planning tools.


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Upcoming Events

10.29.19 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Human Resource Management

Designed for organizations of all sizes, this four-part series focuses on human resources practices critical to success, delivering a comprehensive, practical foundation for the HR professional. Learn more.

10.29.19 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Marketing Essentials

Learn the tools for building a strong marketing and communications program from the ground up. Learn more.

10.30.19 | Atlanta

Audit Prep Seminar + Lunch & Learn

During this free seminar, Chazin & Company nonprofit accounting experts will clarify the nonprofit audit process and provide you with tips for making this year-end headache more manageable with good planning and consistant processes throughout the year. Learn more.

10.31.19 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Program Management Essentials

Choose from two tracks in our 5-part series to advance your knowledge and skill at developing, managing, and growing a nonprofit program. Learn more.

11.07.19 | Atlanta

DOING LAB | Write the Marketing Plan

Write the plan you need to raise awareness, attract clients, find donors, and get the word out about your organization. Learn more.

11.14.19 | Online

Webinar | How to Save Money When Accepting Credit Card Payments

Are you aware that as a nonprofit accepting credit cards, you are entitled to lower interchange rates? These fees are substantially lower than typical rates that are received in a retail environment. Learn more.

11.19.19 | Atlanta

DOING LAB | Write the Annual Development Plan

Write a 12-month development plan for fundraising, donor engagement, social media, and your annual appeal in this 2-session Lab. Learn more.

11.20.19 | Atlanta

DOING LAB | Write the Marketing Plan

Write the plan you need to raise awareness, attract clients, find donors, and get the word out about your organization. Learn more.

12.03.19 | Online

GAgives on #GivingTuesday 2019

12.04.19 | Atlanta

Certificate of Change Management

Learn to effectively drive change in this two-day overview of change management theory and strategies for driving a change process, managing resistance to change, and helping others more effectively support your agenda for change. Learn more.

12.12.19 | Atlanta

DOING LAB | Write the Annual Development Plan

Write a 12-month development plan for fundraising, donor engagement, social media, and your annual appeal in this 2-session Lab. Learn more.

1.16.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Grant Fundraising

Go beyond the basics to learn how to not only write compelling proposals but create a powerful grant management system. Learn more.

2.05.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Fundraising Essentials

Prepare for growth in the development role with these six foundation-building courses, through a comprehensive orientation to the crucial area of nonprofit fundraising. Learn more.

2.24.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Annual Giving Campaigns

In this 4-part series, discover best practices to leverage all of your resources – your people, technology, programs, and data – to capture the most donations from the most people. Learn more.

Advanced Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic (Under $1M Budget)

2019 Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic: an evening-time learning experience designed to provide nonprofit executives and board members with knowledge, skills and resources to tackle real-world governance challenges. Learn more.

3.10.20 | Atlanta

Advanced Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic ($1M+ Budget)

An evening forum for nonprofit executives and board members: Explore the best practices that drive exceptional governance, and receive an individualized assessment of your board. Learn more.

3.19.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Accounting

Prepare for growth in the financial management role through this comprehensive 5-part series. Learn more.

3.20.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Major Giving

Gain a complete understanding of major donors, including defining “major” for your organization, establishing goals related to organizational opportunities and capacity, identifying and cultivating prospects, making the ask, and stewardship. Learn more.