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Our annual IDEAS showcase, celebrating sector innovation

Learn about the innovative advances of GCN members and partners: the practices and strategies that are multiplying impact, sharpening talent, leveraging supporters, and demonstrating exactly why we’re needed on the front lines of Georgia’s most pressing challenges.


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Introducing DOING LABS: Learn. Draft. Do.

GCN's Nonprofit Consulting Group has launched a new service to help nonprofits develop strategies and action plans in specific areas: annual fundraising, strategy, developing talent, starting a nonprofit, and more. Led by senior consultants, each Lab brings together small cohorts of nonprofit leaders to learn theory and gain confidence through practice, then draft plans and complete them using ready-made templates and teamwork. 


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The nonprofit workforce speaks.

In the latest report from GCN's Work for Good, nonprofit pros share what makes a workforce great, what matters most, and how they decide to stay or go. Gain candid insight and practical advice on how to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

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A benefit that pays back: Financial planning for your people

Nonprofit employers need cost-friendly ways to retain talent, and we could all use help offsetting salaries that continually fall behind those in other sectors. Senior Consultant Mary Bear Hughes explores a compelling solution to both challenges: personal financial planning tools.


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Monthly sector news and insight, delivered.

Get complimentary issues of This Month @ GCN, featuring reporting on trending topics and best practices, grant opportunities, and upcoming events; Georgia Nonprofit NEWS, a roundup of accomplishments, impact, and people moves; plus, timely briefings on policy developments, training opportunities, and more.


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Your all-in-one talent management solution from GCN

Exclusively for member nonprofits, our Nonprofit University + ThinkHR Subscription delivers year-round professional development and training for your team; unlimited on-call support from certified HR pros; and interactive HR and talent compliance tools.


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What the right communications staff can do for you

With all the voices in your organization, it takes skilled, trusted communicators to make your messages cohesive and compelling. Big Duck CEO Sarah Durham shares tips for building an optimum in-house team – even if it’s a team of one!

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Measuring what matters: Custom training in Augusta

Measures are critical for a host of reasons – evaluating performance, reporting impact, and making the case for investing in your organization. But not all measures are equal: There are those that show what you’ve done, and those that show the difference you’ve made.


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United Way Worldwide's breakout campaign

Charting a new direction for a sector icon is no small task. AMA Nonprofit Marketer of the Year Lisa Bowman tells us about the research, determination, and tough conversations that went into the bold new “Join the Fight” outreach campaign.


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GCN's Nonprofit University arrives in Gwinnett!


In 2018, we're offering area nonprofits intensive workshops in leadership, strategy, change management, fundraising, performance measures, and more. Thank you to our sponsors Primerica and Nordson, and to our partner Gwinnett Coalition for Health & Human Services for hosting the series.


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Why wellness works

Ten years ago, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta set out to redefine corporate wellness efforts for a staff of 11,000-plus. Here’s what it took to make their Strong4Life program a success, and the dividends it’s paid for employees and patients.


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Guidestones from young pros

To discover what helped propel their early success, we asked the winners of this year’s Nonprofit Leader 30 Under 30 Awards: What decision, experience, or principle has made the biggest difference in your leadership journey?


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Why trends matter to nonprofits

With the rate of change today, adaptation is a must. GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor details three principles for identifying the trends that most affect your efforts, and turning them to your advantage. 


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How can your organization become the workplace of choice?

The demand for fulfilling, purpose-driven careers is growing – and yet, mission-driven employers must contend for top talent in a highly competitive hiring environment.

This new report from GCN's own Work for Good, based on our recent survey of nonprofit pros, delivers first-hand testimony and sound methods for attracting, engaging, and retaining your greatest assets: talented employees eager to make a difference.


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SMARTer marketing strategies through Connective Impact

If communications and development aren’t working together, they’re probably working at odds. To maximize your donor cultivation efforts, MagnifyGood CEO Sam Stern suggests rethinking internal relationships using Collective Impact principles.


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Mindful news consumption for nonprofit pros

With an endless stream of news (much of it bad) beamed directly to our phones, the way we consume the latest headlines can have a huge impact on our stress levels – and our risk of burnout. On GCN's Work for GoodBeth Kanter has the tactics to tame your media habits.


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Announcing 2018 Collaborative Innovation Grant Winners

Continuing our decade-long Building Community Network partnership with The Home Depot Foundation, GCN is proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Collaborative Innovation Grants competition. The Foundation is providing a total of $317,000 to seven Atlanta nonprofit partnerships that will further the “greening” of neighborhoods, expand access to no-cost medical equipment, bring free opera performances to the BeltLine, and much more.


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Presenting our NOW winter edition, a roundup of reporting over the past quarter, leading with trend insight from CEO Karen Beavor and a primer on strategic HR from Nonprofit University. Also in this issue: sector leaders weigh in on how they tackle fundraising appeals, mergers, employee wellness, skilled volunteer projects, marketing campaigns, and more, plus alliance-building tips from Consulting VP José Bright.


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Standing out in a crowd of year-end appeals

It’s holiday-time, when folks are in the mood to give. The problem: When just about every nonprofit is sending an appeal, yours can get lost in the pile-up. Dad’s Garage offers these timely tips to get the most out of your end-of-year ask.


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Scoring the diversity bonus: A discussion

In his new book, researcher Scott Page proves the positive impact of workplace diversity on productivity and innovation. Recently, Page sat down with a panel of Atlanta leaders to considers the promise, challenges, and practical steps involved.


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How an unforgettable event takes shape

World-class events require time, thought, care, and a range of specific skills. Ahead of his Master Class starting Jan. 23, NU facilitator Vic McCarty runs down the points to consider in your plan to wow guests, raise funds, and share the spirit of your organization.


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Seeking corporate support: Are you ready?

Yes, corporate America is eager to give back – but each company approaches philanthropy with their own outcomes in mind. Master Class facilitator Cathy Ramos outlines what you need to make the business case for your nonprofit.


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Policy Call-to-Action: NEW tax could impact thousands of Georgia’s Nonprofits

On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed Public Law No. 115-97, which includes two new provisions regarding Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT). These provisions impact charities that pay for employee parking and transit, which may never have incurred these taxes in the past, and change how nonprofits subject to “classic” UBIT need to report them. Together, these changes could result in thousands of dollars in new taxes for each nonprofit affected. 


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Thinking like an entrepreneur

In this roundtable discussion, the Nonprofit Consulting Group team experts conducting our freshly-launched business accelerator reveal how sector leaders can benefit from a more entrepreneurial mindset.

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Yes, you can lobby—and so much more!

Many nonprofits think that their hands are tied when it comes to working with elected officials. But as an organization with members, donors, and volunteers, you have the power to influence a lot of people—and that makes you important to anyone who answers to voters. Yes, you can lobby, but there are rules.


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The powers that be (and how they are used)

If you want to lead, you've got to understand the sources, strengths, and limitations of your power style, and how to step up your abilities through interpersonal skills and professional expertise. 


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Who's on board?

Why do your board members serve? What does your governance team need? Starting with new data on what drives board members, and featuring simple-but-powerful tools for organizing your board development strategy and getting your recruitment efforts underway, we provide a foolproof primer to help you get it right from the start.

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Building Momentum for Atlanta's Westside

In partnership with The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, GCN leads a three-year Westside Momentum process, providing this intensive learning, coaching and peer sharing experience to strengthen the nonprofits who are playing a primary role in revitalizing these historic comunities.

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Upcoming Events

12.03.18 | Atlanta

How to Start a Nonprofit

This evening workshop covers the essentials to get your nonprofit off to a strong start. Learn more.

12.05.18 | Atlanta

Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager

Learn to read and understand financial statements, budgets, cash flow projects and what these tools tell you about your programs and organization. Learn more.

12.06.18 | Atlanta

Intended Impact: What Is Your Theory of Change?

Intended Impact and Theory of Change provide the “north star” for organizations as they determine their outcomes and impact in the community. Learn more.

12.06.18 | Atlanta

Certificate of Impact Measures

Discover how to establish results or outcome measures, collect the data that proves the value of your programs, and build a dashboard that can easily communicate your organization’s impact. Learn more.

First Flex Fridays, a new consulting benefit for GCN members

Complimentary one-hour consult and coaching sessions on organizational change management are available on the first Friday of each month this fall, exclusively for GCN member organizations. Schedule yours today. Learn more.

12.12.18 | Atlanta

Leadership in Today’s Nonprofit

Nonprofit leaders must wear many hats – keeping people, programs, finance and fundraising moving forward. This leadership intensive will prepare you to lead a resilient organization, understanding how to address culture and people in today’s environment. Learn more.

1.08.19 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Organization Management

This 360-degree orientation to NPO program management will help you learn the sector inside and out. Learn more.

1.31.19 | Atlanta

Certificate of Supervision & Management

Prepare for a supervisory role with the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective manager and team leader. Learn more.

2.06.19 | Atlanta

Certificate of Fundraising | Introduction to Fundraising

Prepare for growth in the development role with these six foundation-building courses, through a comprehensive orientation to the crucial area of nonprofit fundraising. Learn more.

3.19.19 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Social Media

Rapidly advance your understanding of social media practices for nonprofits, building a broad foundation and focused expertise in topics like advertising and analytics. Learn more.

4.10.19 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Accounting

Prepare for growth in the financial management role through this comprehensive 5-part series. Learn more.