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7 marketing tools that cost nothing (or next to it)

Getting people’s attention is a continuous challenge. Check out this list of mostly free design, visual & PR tools for your next fundraising campaign, event invite, or any other featured communication.

Year-round professional training for your team

Exclusively for GCN member nonprofits, our Nonprofit University + ThinkHR Subscription gives you two seats in every one of NU's core curriculum classes, unlimited on-call HR support from certified pros, and more.

IDEAS of the month: January 2020

A fresh crop of pioneering initiatives from the Jewish Federation of Atlanta, Walton Options for Independent Living, American Red Cross of Georgia, Wholesome Wave Georgia, and the organizations joining them.

Hindsight 2020: Stop, breathe, take stock

With the volume of work we take on as nonprofit pros, it's tempting to launch into the new year without more than a quick glance behind us. CEO Karen Beavor demonstrates what a longer look can show us.

Get audit-ready in 3 steps

Reduce the stress and cost of your next audit, head off audit-season issues, and automate best practices with these tips from nonprofit accounting experts Chazin & Company.

Want to engage staff? Go to the source

If you’re serious about retention, it's critical to solicit employee involvement directly, and give them a voice in the organization's retention initiatives.

A local look at Giving USA

The latest Giving USA Report is out, with news of the first donation downturn in five years. Find out how Georgia nonprofits fared, and what they’re doing to adapt.

How strategic planning happens: Preparing for launch

In part two of this strategy planning recapGCN Senior Consultant Elizabeth Runkle tackles the draft-and-refine process and board approval, then get into the implementation plan – a critical aspect that’s too often overlooked.

Conflict and the intergenerational board

Intergenerational conflict in nonprofit boards can take many forms, but the underlying issues involve the same dynamics: generation-specific interests and beliefs, and how willing we are to hear and understand those outside our cohort.

Four types of leaders – and the one you need

One of the common problems we see in our work: a mismatch between the skills of the executive and the needs of the organization – such as the need to grow, change, or restructure due to changes in the environment.

Upcoming Events

2.27.20 | Atlanta

Advanced Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic (Under $1M Budget)

2019 Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic: an evening-time learning experience designed to provide nonprofit executives and board members with knowledge, skills and resources to tackle real-world governance challenges. Learn more.

3.10.20 | Atlanta

Advanced Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic ($1M+ Budget)

An evening forum for nonprofit executives and board members: Explore the best practices that drive exceptional governance, and receive an individualized assessment of your board. Learn more.

3.11.20 | Atlanta

Emotional Intelligence

Learn about the 26 competencies of EI; how emotions influence thoughts, behavior, goals, decision-making, and relationships; and techniques for increasing self-awareness and leadership effectiveness. Learn more.

3.14.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Program Management Essentials

Choose from two tracks in our 5-part series to advance your knowledge and skill at developing, managing, and growing a nonprofit program. Learn more.

3.19.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Accounting

Prepare for growth in the financial management role through this comprehensive 5-part series. Learn more.

3.20.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Major Giving

Gain a complete understanding of major donors, including defining “major” for your organization, establishing goals related to organizational opportunities and capacity, identifying and cultivating prospects, making the ask, and stewardship. Learn more.

3.24.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Writing Outcome Measures

Join us for a two-day series on writing effective outcome measures that will wow your funders, help your board define success, and focus your programs on results. Learn more.

3.26.20 | Atlanta

DOING LAB | Write the Annual Development Plan

Write a 12-month development plan for fundraising, donor engagement, social media, and your annual appeal in this 2-session Lab. Learn more.

4.01.20 | Atlanta

DOING LAB | Write the Marketing Plan

Write the plan you need to raise awareness, attract clients, find donors, and get the word out about your organization. Learn more.

4.14.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Capital Campaigns

This 5-part series walks you through all phases of winning capital campaigns, from planning, building teams, and assessing readiness, to developing case statements, donor prospecting, making asks, and cultivating foundation and corporate support. Learn more.

4.17.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Facilities Management

Learn how to plan, renovate, and maintain your facilities in this five-part series, presented by facilitators from the Atlanta Chapter of International Facility Management Association (IFMA). Learn more.

4.21.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Social Media

Rapidly advance your understanding of social media practices for nonprofits, building a broad foundation and focused expertise in topics like advertising and analytics. Learn more.

4.22.20 | Atlanta

Certificate of Change Management

Learn to effectively drive change in this two-day overview of change management theory and strategies for driving a change process, managing resistance to change, and helping others more effectively support your agenda for change. Learn more.