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Social Enterprise in Georgia

The Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) issued a survey instrument to assess the state of social enterprise in Georgia.

The survey effort, funded by The Home Depot Foundation, identified trends among those organizations engaged in social business ventures, to attempt to understand the prevalence of and interest in this type of endeavor within the nonprofit sector and to identify challenges and opportunities in order to advance the field, inform investors, and further GCN‘s work as capacity builders to the sector.

What is the future of nonprofits in the US and globally? While some aspects are unknown, it seems that social enterprise development as a way to maximize impact and sustainability is here to stay. Using the Georgia Center for Nonprofit’s landmark study profiling the field of Social Enterprise in Georgia as a platform for launching our discussion, we will hear case examples from some of the South’s leaders in social venture creation on local, national and global scales. We will dive into how each venture started, grew and what its challenges and opportunities are.

A comprehensive white paper, including the research data and venture profiles for Southface Energy Institute, New Horizon Landscape Company, Good Measure Meals, TOMS Shoes, and Nuçi’s Space can be found here.

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