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Public Policy & Advocacy

As active advocates for our causes, we can magnify the power of our mission by untold dimensions. It takes understanding—of the issues, and of the politics surrounding those issues—as well as relationship-building—with the people who shape policy, but also with the cause community-members who share our concerns.

Find updates on state legislation, coalition-building opportunities, and inspiring case studies here, along with our guide to navigating health care reform and the latest call-to-action from GCN CEO Karen Beavor.


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3.08.18 | Atlanta

Special Event | The 2020 Census

The 2020 Census: How can we ensure it helps – not harms – Georgians and nonprofits for the next decade?

Join The Sapelo Foundation, GCN, and the Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation at this important event for nonprofit leaders, where we’ll discuss how the non-partisan and constitutionally required 2020 Census may help (or harm) Georgians over the next decade. Learn more.