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Peter Drucker wrote, "No organization can do better than the people it has." The only way to get—and keep—the best people is through solid HR practices. That means defining roles, developing career paths, recognizing achievement, and making sure every staff-member knows how their individual work advances the mission. And that's on top of technical considerations like payroll and government compliance, strategic aspects like succession planning, and more.

At GCN, we've concentrated a wealth of HR knowledge, from Georgia Nonprofit NOW's expert guide to HR, to Nonprofit University's Certificate of of Nonprofit Human Resource Management, to our GCN Consulting Team.


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2.22.18 | Lawrenceville

Special Event | Financial Planning for the Nonprofit Professional 

Financial Planning for the Nonprofit Professional 

Join us for a conversation about personal financial planning across your career in nonprofits at this special event, presented in partnership with COUNTRY Financial. Experts will provide financial planning tools and advice on negotiating salary and benefits, repaying student loans, planning for taxes and retirement, and more. Learn more.