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Certificate of Nonprofit Facilities Management
FAC 110 | Facility Condition Assessment 
FAC 120 | Facility Maintenance Manual
FAC 130 | Renovations and Construction
FAC 140 | Sustainable Facility Practices
FAC 150 | Facility Safety and Security



Certificate of Nonprofit Accounting
ACCT 200 | Introduction to Nonprofit Accounting
ACCT 210 | Nonprofit Financial Analysis
ACCT 220 | From Process to Strategy: Optimal Budgeting for Nonprofits
ACCT 230 | Internal Controls & Accountability 
ACCT 240 | Audits & the Audit Committee

The Essentials of Federal Grants Administration

Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager



Certificate of Fundraising Essentials
FND 110 | Ethics in Fundraising
FND 120 | Intro to Corporate & Foundation Relations
FND 130 | Intro to Individual Donor Development
FND 140 | Intro to Government Funding
FND 150 | Fundraising and Special Event Planning
FND 160 | Intro to Development Planning and Budgeting

Certificate of Grant Fundraising
FND 240 | Constructing a Powerful Case for Support
FND 241 | Writing Winning Grants for Foundation and Corporate Giving
FND 242 | Begin with the End in Mind: Grant Budgeting
FND 243 | Grant Reporting for Impact

Certificate of Capital Campaigns
FND 270 | Tools for Conducting a Winning Capital Campaign
FND 271 | Case Statements for Capital Campaigns
FND 272 | Donor Prospecting, Communications, and Recognition for Capital Campaigns
FND 273 | Cultivating Major Individual Capital Campaign Prospects
FND 274 | Corporate and Foundation Relations for Capital Campaigns

Certificate of Annual Giving Campaigns
FND 220 | Understanding Donors
FND 221 | Stories That Stick: Marketing and Communications for Fundraising
FND 222 | Annual Appeals
FND 223 | Annual Giving Planning

Certificate of Major Giving
FND 230 | Fundamentals of Major Giving
FND 231 | Matchmaker, Matchmaker: Donor Prospecting
FND 232 | The Art of the Ask: Donor Cultivation
FND 233 | Now What? Donor Stewardship

Writing the Annual Report

Data-Driven Fundraising

Writing the Annual Appeal Letter

Proven Methods for Securing Government Grants and Contracts

National Foundation Relations

Donor Retention: Writing Your Stewardship Plan

Donor Advised Funds



Certificate of Nonprofit Board Management
GOV 210 | Building Better Boards
GOV 220 | Board Recruitment, Orientation, and Engagement
GOV 230 | Improving Board Fundraising Effectiveness
GOV 240 | Starting and Sustaining a Board Development Plan 

Advanced Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic (Under $1M Budget)

Advanced Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic ($1M+ Budget)



Certificate of Nonprofit Human Resources
HR 210 | Strategic Human Resources Management 
HR 220 | Strategic Talent Development and Performance Management
HR 230 | Employee Relations and Policy Management
HR 240 | Legal Compliance and Policy Development

The Right Hire, the Right Way



Certificate of Nonprofit Organization Management
NPO 210 | The Nonprofit Organization
NPO 220 | Nonprofit Marketing and Communications
NPO 230 | Nonprofit Fundraising and Development
NPO 240 | Accounting for Your Mission
NPO 250 | Managing Staff, Volunteers, and Boards

Certificate of Outcome Management Systems
PER 201 | Performance Measures: How to Write Fantastic Measures that Demonstrate Impact and Accountability
PER 202 | Writing and Evaluating Performance Measures: What Does Success Look Like? Using Measures to Evaluate and Manage Programs
PER 203 | Managing Performance Measures: Create and Use a Dashboard to Promote Continuous Organizational Improvement
PER 204 | Messaging Performance Measures: Demonstrating Impact

Certificate of Nonprofit Program Management Essentials
PRO 210 | With or For? Program Design and Community Engagement
PRO 220 | Dollars and Sense: Program Budgeting and Tracking
PRO 230 | Everyday Leadership
PRO 240 | People First: Nonprofit Service Delivery
PRO 250 | Raising Awareness, Driving Action: Communications, Development, and Programs

Certificate of Change Management

Intended Impact: What is Your Theory of Change?

Fostering a Healthy Program Team Culture

Communicating Change: Leading from Resistance to Commitment

Certificate of Writing Outcome Measures

Social Enterprise for Today's Nonprofit



Certificate of Supervision & Management
MGT 110 | Understanding the Role of a Supervisor
MGT 120 | Transitioning from Tactical Manager to Strategic Leader
MGT 130 | Hiring and Evaluating Performance
MGT 140 | Employee Performance Challenges
MGT 150 | Understanding People, Building Teams

Certificate of Workplace Communication & Leadership
LDR 250 | Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People
LDR 251 | Managing Difficult Conversations
LDR 252 | Conflict Resolution: Getting Along in the Workplace
LDR 253 | Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace

Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership
LDR 210 | Fundamentals of Good Leadership
LDR 220 | Developing Leaders
LDR 230 | Diagnosing Your Business
LDR 240 | Building and Implementing Strategy

High Potential Diverse Leaders

Leadership in Today's Nonprofit

Time Management

Emotional Intelligence

Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance



Certificate of Nonprofit Marketing Essentials
MKT 210 | Planning for Marketing Success
MKT 220 | Brand Management
MKT 230 | The Marketer's Toolbox
MKT 240 | Your Friends, the Media


Certificate of Nonprofit Social Media
SM 210 | Planning for Social Media Success
SM 220 | Best Practices in Social Media Platforms
SM 230 | Social Media Advertising
SM 240 | Social Media Analytics

All Together Now: Internal Communications at Your Organization

On the Record: Better Media Interviews for Nonprofit Leaders



Certificate of Nonprofit Volunteer Management
VOL 110 | Introduction to Volunteer Management
VOL 120 | Volunteer Policies, Processes, and Structure
VOL 130 | Volunteer Recruitment, Development, Training, and Retention
VOL 140 | Making Volunteers Your Best Advocates and Leaders



How to Start a Nonprofit