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Certificate of Outcome Management Systems

Measure, collect and communicate your organization’s impact.

Build an outcome management system to measure performance, evaluate programs, manage staff and programs, and communicate your results to donors and stakeholders. Beyond merely writing measures (the focus of a separate specialized certificate), this series focuses on the four essential components of building your organization’s outcomes-management system.

Accurate performance measures are vital to your fundraising program. Funders and donors look for strong measures to demonstrate what your nonprofit does and the benefits of the services you provide. This program is designed to guide nonprofit leaders on how to demonstrate organizational impact and return on investment (ROI) by effectively writing, collecting, and using your data to prove your organization’s effectiveness.

Discover how to establish program results or outcome measures, collect the data that proves the value of your programs, and build a dashboard that can easily communicate your organization’s impact to your board, management team, staff, and the public. These courses focus on building the program and performance system within an organization so that you not only write good measures, but you also collect the data accurately, manage and make decisions based on the outcomes, and communicate those results to improve your fundraising.

These highly interactive sessions will be stocked with case studies, interactive group discussions, and hands-on exercises. Come prepared to write performance measures for your organization.


  • Determining and collecting result measures (or KPIs: key performance indicators)
  • Building a system to collect, analyze, and report the performance of your organization
  • Building a dashboard
  • Using results measures in your messaging
  • Setting and revising/updating performance targets
  • Managing board, staff, and volunteers to use performance metrics and evaluate programs
  • Communicating your results to key stakeholders   


Staff managing programs up through executive leadership, especially managers responsible for program evaluation.


PER 201 | Performance Measures: How to write fantastic measures that demonstrate impact and accountability

Writing strong result measures that track and communicate performance is a necessity for nonprofit organizations of every size and type. One of the biggest complaints we often hear is that nonprofit organizations are not moving the needle – not impacting the problems or achieving results for the investment of funding. This session focuses on writing strong result measures. It is hands on, practical and includes actual exercises to write and improve outcome measures.   

PER 202 | Writing and Evaluating Performance Measures: What does success look like?

Now that you have projected outcomes for the organization and specific programs, the next steps are setting targets, designing data collection methods, getting baseline data, and using the data to evaluate and report on programs. This session focuses on the data collection, tracking, baseline targets and how to use the information to evaluate your program.

PER 203 | Managing Performance Measures: Create and use a dashboard to promote continuous organizational improvement

Dashboards are an effective tool for managing outcomes in an organization.  Learn how to create your own dashboards – program, management, leadership, and public levels. Just as a car dashboard gives you green, yellow and red to monitor performance, use the same to communicate and focus your discussions in the organization. Learn how to monitor program performance and make improvements using your dashboards. Understand how to build a performance culture and how to implement performance-based strategies in the organization that will influence the culture. 

PER 204 | Messaging Performance Measures: Demonstrating Impact

This session will link mission, performance and impact to messaging, communications and development. Nonprofit organizations are required to project and report outcomes for funding. Learn how to use outcome measures to describe impact, how to drive collaborations, and how to message this impact to funders and donors. This session takes the measures from measurement to messaging to demonstrate your organizational effectiveness and greater impact in the community.



Kathy Keeley
Executive Vice President, Programs
Georgia Center for Nonprofits

Kathy has 20 years of experience teaching performance management to nonprofit and government agencies (federal, state, and local) through GCN and The Performance Institute. She’ll share principles and tips she developed through her work with those organizations, and with the funders that support them, to help you define impact and performance.


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9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Georgia Center for Nonprofits
100 Peachtree Street NW
Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30303
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