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Certificate of Fundraising | Individual Donors

You don’t need to convince your donors to give.

That may sound strange, but the good you do is compelling enough to motivate those with an affinity for your cause to give generously. In other words, your prospective donors want to give: You just need to show them how.

As a fundraiser, there are three things you must do to drive increased donations. First, identify the audiences that have an affinity to your cause. Second, tell your story in a way that reaches the hearts of those audiences by using the media channels they prefer. Third, ask boldly and ask often.

Yes, it’s easier said than done: That’s why Nonprofit University is here to help. Our Certificate of Fundraising | Individual Donors series will help you establish a strong annual fundraising program that offers individuals, businesses, corporations, and foundations the opportunity to create meaningful impact by donating to you.


FND 220 | The Development Cycle
The Development Cycle is a step-by-step process for finding donors and nurturing them to produce vocal ambassadors for your organization and your cause. Participate in hands-on, practical exercises to improve and grow your donor base. 

FND 230 | Understanding Donors and Motivation for Giving
Find out why your constituents give and how to engage donors through a full array of fundraising channels: web site, social media, email, direct mail, face-to-face, and events.

FND 240 | Successful Moves Management
Moves management is the process of ensuring your donors have meaningful experiences with your organization; those experiences, or “moves,” cause them to become more engaged, feel ownership for your programs, and do more to make sure they stay funded. With successful moves management, your organization can build donor-centered programs that keep high net-worth prospects fully invested in your mission.

FND 250 | Fundraising Metric & Portfolio Management
Learn how to build dashboards for annual funds, major gifts, multi-year giving, and program support. Just as a car dashboard enables you to monitor performance simply and quickly, your organization can use a well-designed dashboard to communicate and focus discussions among your board, executives, and development team.

FND 260 | Create an Active Major Gift Program and “Making the Ask”
It’s time to get over the fear of making the ask, and build a successful major donor program, no matter the size of your organization. The best way to create a major gift program is learning tried and true ways of soliciting a donation: Tell your story well, and your donor prospects will respond. It takes dedication to court and solicit major prospects, but the payoff – transformative gifts from an ever-increasing number of donors – is worth it.


Dennis Hanthorn has more than 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector and a history of building nonprofit organizations in Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Dayton. Dennis has helped raise more than $75 million throughout his career, through major and multi-year gift fundraising. Current consulting projects include organizational development, capital campaigns, major gift programs, and annual development plans, as well as instructing at Nonprofit University. He is the former first general director of The Atlanta Opera, responsible for the artistic and administrative direction of the company.



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