ICYMI: Last Week’s Nonprofit News, Today | Oct. 22

Why have more than 260,000 people signed a petition revoking the NFL's tax-exempt status? Learn tips for getting that all-important second gift from new donors. And what percentage of public school students in Georgia are eligible for free or reduced price lunches?


Is Your Nonprofit the Next NFL? (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
A recent article in the Atlantic that highlighted the ways that the nonprofit, tax-exempt National Football League “fleeces” taxpayers has inspired a Change.org petition calling on the federal governemnt to revoke the NFL’s tax exemption. The founder of Unsectored considers the implications of the petition, which has now gathered more than 278,000 signatures.


Study: Most public school students in Georgia are poor (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
A new report from the Southern Education Foundation shows that 57% of Georgia’s public school students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches, meaning they come from a household making less than $43,000 a year. Mississippi is the state with the most low-income public school students, at 71%, followed by New Mexico (68%) and Louisiana (66%). Georgia places at no. 6.

Georgia Gets a Failing Grade for the Overall Well-Being of Women (Georgia Budget & Policy Institute)
The GBPI (a GCN member) reports on a new study by the Center for American Progress that puts Georgia at no. 41 in terms of women’s well-being. It also finds that Georgia ranks no. 40 in overall economic security, and gets an “F” for its record of women in leadership positions.  


How to Get a 2nd Gift from New Donors (The Fundraising Authority)
Donor retention begins with the second gift--but, according to a survey from the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, less than 23% of first-time donors give a second time. Here’s four steps for getting those newbies back into the giving spirit. Meanwhile, Jay Wilkinson at the Firespring blog gives you 8 reasons why donors don’t come back.


Should your executive director be an association or industry expert? (MultiBriefs)
Looking for a new ED? Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself before you start looking for the perfect candidate, including perhaps the most important of all: “Do I want my association to be run like a business?”


Infographic: Tips on Promoting Blogs for Content Creators (Nonprofit Quarterly)
A super-handy rundown of ways to get your blog posts in front of as many eyeballs as possible, with tips for every social media outlet from Facebook to Pinterest to StumbleUpon to Reddit.

Using Text Messaging to Achieve Your Mission (Big Duck)
Supplement the online fundraising lessons we brought you in the just-released issue of NOW with this post from the folks at Big Duck, featuring a slide set, a video, and five “incredible” examples of nonprofits using text messages to build support, spread awareness, and serve their constituents.

Nine Ways You Can Use Graph Search to Learn About Your Facebook Fans (John Haydon)
More easy and effective advice from the Nonprofit Facebook Guy. This time, Haydon gives you a great video tutorial about using the new facebook search function to get the lowdown on your followers.

The New War on Social Media Vanity Metrics (frogloop / Care2)
If you’ve taken the plunge into social media marketing, you probably know how many ways there are to measure your impact online: visits, views, likes, comments, shares, followers, retweets, pins, upvotes, and more. This brief post tells you which metrics are worth tracking, and which are just ego-inflation.

Marc Schultz is Writer/Editor at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits 

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