Big news! Introducing GAgives on #GivingTuesday

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
| by Editor |


Set for November 28, GAgives on #GivingTuesday is less than three months away – and this is definitely the year to jump in!

#GivingTuesday is now the second-biggest day of giving in terms of donation volume and the third-biggest day in terms of dollars raised! (Only Dec. 30 and 31 had bigger dollar totals in 2016.) In addition, nonprofits that take part in #GivingTuesday net more money overall in December. A dedicated giving page branded with #GivingTuesday brings in, on average, 3 to 5 times more money for December!

Coming together for Georgia Gives Day 2016

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
| by Editor |


This year’s theme is “Come Together.” Not only does it evoke one of our favorite Beatles songs, it captures the spirit of what Georgia Gives Day is all about – a message that has never been as resonant as in this election year. What better way to counter the polarization of a heated political race than evoking the positivity, and the possibilities, generated by Georgians rallying en masse to support the work and worth of nonprofits?