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Introducing Nonprofit Voice

Your organization’s impact is at the center of GCN’s mission. We believe that High Performance nonprofits build thriving communities, and we focus our day-to-day work on empowering Georgia’s nonprofits with the advocacy, solutions, and insight to become more effective.

In this spirit, we have launched a new feature on the NOW blog, GCN’s own voice on the web, to tell your stories: how you are working to change communities across Georgia. Our Nonprofit Voice series has a simple premise: tell us about a pressing community challenge your nonprofit faces, and how you’re forging a solution. Whether it’s a hot news topic or an issue that’s been ignored too long, Nonprofit Voice is a showcase for the impact and expertise of our members (that also gets your message to thousands of colleagues).

Below, read excerpts from our inaugural posts.

Street Grace and Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking
Cheryl DeLuca-Johnson, President and CEO

"We know at Street Grace that there is a pathway to change, beginning with awareness, empowerment, and engagement, which will ultimately lead to social change. The only way to end Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking is to shift the way that society thinks about how money affects the purchase of children for sex.

"We need to take away the excuses, the thinking that a minor could choose to participate in these transactions, that there is anything like a consensual exchange taking place, that there’s no harm done. If there is truly no harm done, why is it an underground activity? Why are buyers and sellers hiding?"
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Sustainable Atlanta and Earth Day 44
Suzanne Burnes, Executive Director

"Communities of people coming together, finding shared values and shared vision, sharing passions to work for a greater good—this is what will get us to an Earth Day 44 years from now. While we’ll need plenty of strong new laws and regulations as well, it is community that will support us in making the daily behavior changes that it will take to ease off the climate change accelerator, and community that will support us in adapting to the new world we’ve already shaped."
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Georgia Organics and Food Insecurity
Danielle Moore, Farmers Market Campaign Coordinator

"If you’re not familiar with the term “food insecurity,” it describes people who are hungry, or at risk of hunger. It's a condition described well by the Texas Food Bank Network: 'a financial juggling act, where sometimes the food ball gets dropped.'

"Statistics on food insecurity in Georgia are sobering: 20 percent of Georgians don't always know where they'll find their next meal. More than one in every four Georgia children are food insecure. Georgia ranks sixth in the nation for child poverty. Georgia Organics believes farmers markets are poised to offer solutions—to feed people who deserve access to healthy, nutrient-dense food grown by our state's sustainable and organic farmers." 
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Read each of these full posts, and find other insights, news, and grant opportunities on our blog. If you would like to be featured in Nonprofit Voice, contact us at [email protected].

Tom Zimmerman is communications manager and community editor for GCN.

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