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Westside Neighborhood Prosperity Fund Accepting Applications for Capacity Building Grants Through February 13, 2015

ATLANTA (Jan. 8, 2015) — The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, in partnership with the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, today announced the open application process and guidelines for Westside Momentum, a three-year capacity building initiative of the Westside Neighborhood Prosperity Fund. Westside Momentum is designed to strengthen and empower up to 50 nonprofits based in Atlanta’s historic Westside neighborhoods.

“We know that nonprofits serving the Westside of Atlanta are a critical piece in transforming the neighborhoods and residents’ quality of life and have been doing so for years with limited resources,” stated Frank Fernandez, Vice President of Community Development, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. “Through Westside Momentum, we have the opportunity to help them build their organizations and increase their collective community impact.”  

Westside Momentum is open to all Westside-based nonprofit organizations and community initiatives looking to strengthen leadership, build infrastructure, and deepen collaborative efforts that can help restore the English Avenue, Vine City, Castleberry Hill neighborhoods as vibrant and thriving communities.  Applications will be accepted through February 13, 2015.

GCN’s Karen Beavor noted, “Nonprofits are a key partner in creating thriving communities.  When nonprofits are strong, strategic and sustainable their impact on the issues and causes important to communities are greater.  The Momentum process is a proven model that builds nonprofit capacity to produce results, and we are excited to be a partner with The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation to offer it to the organizations and leaders working to make the Westside a great place to live, work and play.” 

Westside Momentum will consist of two programs: Core Group and Community Group.

The Core Group Program will support up to six (6) Westside nonprofits through an array of training seminars, personalized business coaching and consulting, and deep leadership training. In addition, Core Group participants will receive ongoing, customized training and support that can be applied to their real-world situations. Financial support will be provided to aid in the execution of necessary practices and investments needed for becoming higher impact nonprofits. 

The Community Group Program will support up to 50 Westside, nonprofit organizations with hands-on training and networking opportunities. The Community Group Program will consist of three, successive year-long programs focused on management, leadership and governance training and support. 

The Georgia Center for Nonprofits will be conducting information sessions for interested organizations to discuss the application process and answer any questions. Information sessions will be held on January 12, 22 and 26, 2015. Details for each session, as well as information on Westside Momentum, can be accessed by visiting www.gcn.org/westsidemomentum or by calling the Georgia Center for Nonprofits at 678-916-3008.

About The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

Formed in 1995, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation promotes innovative solutions to transform the lives of youth and their families, seeking results that move communities beyond what seems possible today.

The foundation invests in early childhood development, education, green space and the arts, and leads giving programs for each of the Blank Family of Businesses, including the Atlanta Falcons, PGA TOUR Superstore, Mountain Sky Guest Ranch and MLS Atlanta. Through the foundation and his family’s personal giving, Mr. Blank has granted more than $300 million to various charitable organizations.

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