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GA Gives 2014 Success Story: Senior Connections

September 08, 2015
| by Guest Contributor |

By engaging with current donors and encouraging them to designate additional gifts as matching funds, Senior Connections brought in 61 donations totalling $8,300 and won two Power Hours!

Georgia Gives Day is a great opportunity for Georgia nonprofits like Senior Connections. Our 2014 campaign went far better than we expected, but it took a lot of work to plan out our communications, reach out to donors, and make everything happen on the day.

First, we had to reach out to several longtime donors for their support. They were gracious enough to provide enough matching funds for a 1:1 match on the first $3,500 donations of the day.

Second, we wanted to secure buy-in from key donors and volunteers. These individuals activated their own networks to ensure that the word was out, before the day even began, that we were doubling Gives Day donations. Without their networks, the number of people who received our Gives Day messages—solely through our email and social media channels—would have been far smaller.

Next, we built out our Georgia Gives Day page. For us, it was very important to tell a simple story about what we were trying to accomplish on Gives Day. We employed as much visual content as we could muster, including photos of volunteers, clients, and staff. We also labeled each giving level with a clear measures of impact, ensuring that people new to our organization understood exactly what their donation provided—including the fact that it would be matched dollar-for-dollar.

Finally, we distributed branded content throughout the day via our social media channels and email, sending personalized appeals to corporate volunteer managers and other large distribution groups, who could then disseminate the message to their networks. We paid special attention to the themed “power hours” rewarding specific subsectors, asking supporters to time their donations during hours dedicated to seniors and hunger. In the end, it worked: not only did we bring in $7800 in donations from 61 donors, we secured $500 from power hours, and received enough in match donations to secure a total of $11,800 for Meals on Wheels and other essential programs for seniors.

Grant is currently the Annual Fund Manager at Hands on Atlanta. He loves running digital campaigns (like GGD), playing competitive wiffleball, and good stories. He lives in Chamblee with his wife and boxer dog. Connect with him on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/granthyarbrough.

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