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Starting a Nonprofit Organization in Georgia

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Explore the following resource round-up that can help you get answers to frequently asked questions, evaluate readiness, and develop a plan to move forward.

Start by reviewing the How do I Start a Nonprofit? knowledgebase from Foundation Center's Grantspace, which provides a checklist and FAQ here.

Review Foundation Center's start-up resources for incoporating a nonprofit in Georgia here, and take their Nonprofit Startup Assessment to help you assess your readiness to start a nonprofit, and direct you to resources to build your skills and knowledge as a founder. 

Georgia Lawyers for the Arts hosts seminars on the Form 1023 application. Check the schedule here.

Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta has many free webcasts and articles on a variety of topics pertaining to starting a nonprofit here, including information about Form 1023, the IRS Guide to Applying for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status, and You Got Your 501(c)(3) Status, Now What?

Carefully review the IRS filing application, so you are aware of all the legal implications of operating a nonprofit.

Small nonprofits, defined as having under $50,000 in revenues for the next three years, have a new method for filing tax-exempt status. Learn more

GCN provides complimentary access to extensive online resources that can help you understand the many facets of running a nonprofit. Explore by topic, starting here.

GCN's Nonprofit University offers an extensive curriculum of certificates and classes to meet nonprofit professional training needs on all levels. Explore our course catalog and calendar.

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