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Nonprofit CEO Peerspectives

Sharpen your leadership skills, build supportive relationships,
and exchange ideas with your CEO peers.

CEO Peerspectives is more important than ever with all that is happening under the new administration. With a brand new format, this rare opportunity for peer coaching, skill development, networking and advocating together is an essential opportunity for nonprofit CEOs who will be managing during these uncertain times. In addition to mentoring about managing, we will focus on scenario planning, policy developments, unique partnerships and collaborations, as well as how to respond as federal and state policy evolves.
Now more than ever, CEOs need to support, share and learn from each other.  Here are five very important benefits you’ll reap from your participation. You will:
1. Find out how other CEOs are reshaping their organizations.
2. Share your skills and learn from other CEOs.
3. Stop losing sleep at night and create action plans as policies evolve.
4. Get personal support from others concerned about the same things you are, like problem staff, board members, fundraising trends, and meeting the demand for services.
5. Discover potential new partners and develop those relationships.  

Program Details

Session 1: Orientation, and Using Strategic Thinking to Lead Change | March 23, 2017
Change management is more important than ever. Learn how to lead change in your community, your nonprofit and the sector. We will explore change management that works, how to communicate during change, and what others are doing to prepare their organizations for both anticipated and unanticipated changes in policy and funding. We will spend one hour on theory and two hours in peer group coaching with each other.  
Facilitator: Patty Tucker, Chair, Board of Directors | Georgia Center for Nonprofits
Session 2: Leading People with Passion | April 20, 2017
Learn about leadership and how to lead in these uncertain times. Find out about your leadership style, how to be most effective when managing change, and learn how organizations are evolving to respond to outside pressures and funding challenges. We will spend time on learning your style, how others use their leadership style to be effective, and how to work with your peers to learn new ways of managing people and putting your passion to work for the organization. 
Facilitator: Eric Robbins, CEO | Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Session 3: Driving Results | May 18, 2017
Moving the needle and producing results has become even more important to board members, donors, funders, and it drives how coalitions work together. We’ll strengthen your understanding of the four M’s: measure, measurement, management and message You’ll learn how to build a dashboard, message it both internally and externally, and build the systems to keep things on track. You will learn how to build a culture of accountability, see how others have built their culture to support accountability, and share what you are doing to move the needle and drive for results. 
Facilitator: Rick Aranson, CEO | Jewish Family & Career Services
Session 4: Building Coalitions | June 22, 2017
Leaders have to know how to build coalitions, expand their networks, and grow their circles of influence, because these will be even more important than in the past. Position your organization as a leader in building coalitions and alliances. You will meet with experts at coalition building, leading coalitions, and designing shared strategies. It is a great time to think outside the box and find new partners.  
Facilitator: Kathy Keeley, Executive Vice President | Georgia Center for Nonprofits
Closing Reception and Presentation of the Class of 2017 | June 22, 2017

Eligibility Criteria

1. Registrants must be employed by a recognized 501(c) corporation.
2. Registrants must hold the position of CEO, executive director, or the most senior executive of the organization.
3. The organization's annual operating budget must be $500K or greater.


"Through Peerspectives, I've solidified some good relationships that we’re continuing to pursue for collaboration. We’re exploring those opportunities more deeply, and building on the collaboration model we’ve always valued."
Eric Robbins, CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta


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Registration deadline:
March 15, 2017

Program Begins:
March 23, 2017

Registration Fees:

GCN Member: $1250
Nonmember: $2000 


Questions? Contact us at [email protected] or (678) 916-3081.