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Consulting Team

We have breadth and depth of management consulting expertise.

GCN’s Nonprofit Consulting Group consists of a core team with strong strategic planning, organizational development, fundraising, and executive transition expertise. We have experience leading and overseeing virtually all major categories of consulting services. We also have a group of experienced consulting partners, with GCN providing project support, oversight, and continuity as future needs of clients are identified.


Kathy Keeley

Executive Vice President, Programs & Senior Consultant
k[email protected] | 678-916-3015

With experience as a social entrepreneur, a consultant, the chief of staff for the mayor of Minneapolis, founder of multiple organizations, and the director of nonprofit and for-profit businesses, Kathy has worked with organizations of all kinds in more than 25 states and 30 countries. Over her 35-plus years as a consultant, she has turned around struggling and underperforming ventures, helped launch new companies and initiatives, and given established successes new pathways toward efficiency and expansion. more


Sir José Bright
Vice President & Senior Consultant

[email protected] | 678-916-3055

Jose brings a diverse skillset and experience in nonprofit consulting, most recently working on the African continent for the past 20 years as director of a management consultancy, in government, on public boards and think tanks, and in the private sector. His areas of expertise include strategic management & change management, leadership development and executive coaching. more


Mary Bear Hughes

Senior Consultant
[email protected] | 678-916-3038

Mary’s consulting expertise includes strategic and business planning, board development and governance, executive succession planning and transition, search consultation, and organizational development. Her 30 years of experience includes consulting and operational roles in the private and nonprofit sectors including leadership as an Executive Director and a board leader. more



Elizabeth Runkle

Senior Consultant
[email protected] | 678-916-3079

Elizabeth brings a diverse background of generating and implementing innovative and break-through ideas within the social sector, and has worked with low-wealth and marginalized populations for over 12 years. She has advised several nonprofits and small businesses on strategy and business models, with expertise in social enterprise. more


Tommy Pearce

[email protected] | 678-916-3047

Tommy has worked in a variety of capacities with nonprofit, academic, and public institutions with the end-goal of improving the quality of life for underserved populations. With an analytic, big-picture approach, he helps clients design and execute initiatives that are mission-centric, feasible, and measurable. more


Andrea Zvikas

[email protected] | 678-916-3047

Andrea is a state-registered mediator and sector veteran who has worked for and with Georgia nonprofits for the past 13 years, most recently through the Georgia Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit in a number of investigative and counseling roles. Andrea’s experience working in social enterprises, recruiting donors and volunteers, managing programs and projects, and producing events of all sizes—in professional and volunteer roles—evidence her passion for mastering new skills, connecting people and organizations, and making a positive difference. more