Program Evaluation

In order to obtain meaningful information on organizational and program effectiveness, nonprofits must conduct systematic evaluations that monitor program success and truly improve policies. Increasingly, funders are requiring nonprofits to evaluate their programs and demonstrate results, but program managers are often overwhelmed or intimidated by the evaluation process. GCN’s Nonprofit Consulting Group is here to help you understand, manage, and monitor the process.

A few key steps in our nonprofit Program Evaluation:

  • Assess Needs—define purpose and impact of program, identify audience, examine budget (funding), and form timeline.

  • Create a Plan—determine objective and goals, create questions, gather information, and review plan.

  • Collect Data—select model, decide method (qualitative or quantitative), implement data source (questionnaires/interviews, etc.), and develop budget and timeline of evaluation.

  • Finalize Evaluation—analyze data and report findings.

Federal Grant Evaluation

In addition, GCN’s Nonprofit Consulting Group now specializes in the assessment and evaluation of federal and national grants. Most government grants require applicants to submit to an evaluation process in order to determine award eligibility and renewal.

Here’s why GCN is an exceptionally experienced "third party" grant evaluation resource:

  • We exclusively use doctorate and master level evaluators with years of government and privately funded grant evaluation experience.

  • From the day the grant is awarded through the submission of the final evaluation, GCN consultants will guide your organization through this often complex process. Furthermore, our evaluators have generated a comprehensive outcome evaluation process. This justifies future funding by ensuring that the impact of the grant and its associated services are appropriately measured.

  • GCN consultants have provided professional evaluation services for organizations with federal grants for departments including Housing & Urban Development (HUD), Health & Human Services (HHS), Department of Education (DOE), Department of Justice (DOJ) and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).GCN has significant expertise with best program practices in many categories of service including mental health, substance abuse, housing, homelessness, and K-12 education.