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Executive Coaching & Team Building

Whether it’s leading their organization through new changes, struggling to empower their teams for maximum efficiency, or addressing conflict, nonprofit leaders are faced with constant challenges. GCN’s consultants provide tailored coaching to nonprofit leaders to increase the skills necessary to achieve their organizational goals. Executive coaching is valued for its hands-on training capacity to help the leaders of nonprofit organizations self-assess their own leadership profiles, analyze their organization’s opportunities and challenges, and develop innovative, realistic strategies and solutions.

Our consultants are facilitators and coaches who work with nonprofit leaders to help them evaluate leadership and management gaps to advance their organizations to the next level. Depending on the engagement, we often begin with an assessment and then develop a customized plan, providing coaching all along the way. We provide tools and recommend training to accelerate this progress.

A) Individual Coaching

  • Intercessory Coaching: targeted problem-solving engagements for an individual
  • Leadership Development Coaching—a complete, individualized and typically 10-month executive coaching program:
  • Identifying executive presenting goals
  • Administering style surveys
  • Collecting 360° feedback
  • Creating developmental goals
  • Providing coaching sessions
  • Documenting assignments and accomplishments
  • Conducting evaluation and celebration

B) Team Coaching

  • Intercessory Coaching: targeted problem-solving engagements for a team of employees to help a team work through challenges to agree to a productive path forward or to form a team contract
  • Team Leadership Development Coaching: Board and CEO or management team receive joint coaching to better facilitate their shared leadership and achieve success together

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