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Georgia Nonprofit NOW | Winter 2015



How are nonprofits answering the call to achieve bigger, better, unprecedented results? Partnerships. In our winter issue, we’ve put together a primer on finding opportunities to collaborate and acting on them, with input from Georgia organizations multiplying their impact through partnerships.

We also have Atlanta news legend Jocelyn Dorsey discussing WSB-TV’s commitment to community service, Independent Sector CEO Diana Aviv sharing a fresh approach to collaborative network-building, and the leadership duo who have brought Jewish Family and Career Services into its thirteenth decade.

All that, plus a look at the Balanced Scorecard approach to strategic planning, a recap of the work you did to make Georgia Gives Day 2014 a record-breaker, and a roundup of nonprofit-friendly marketing resources.

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Partnerships Work.

The GCN member network is a vast, deep partnership that drives change and progress across Georgia. Karen Beavor shares how the power of multiple simultaneous partnerships takes our work with nonprofits even further.



The Power in Partnerships: How Georgia collaborates to build capacity, expand reach, and accomplish outsized results.

Beyond the obvious benefits—building capacity and increasing reach—partnerships can lead to more funding opportunities, fill in service gaps, and boost visibility. In this expert guide, see how Georgia nonprofits are forging vital strategic partnerships that benefit clients, communities, and the sector.



By the Numbers — Our 2014 Infographic

In our just-released infographic, we take a deep dive into the anatomy of GA Gives Day 2014, from top winners to best-performing regions, what donors thought, and a timeline of how—together—we raised more than $2 million on Nov. 13.


Great Campaigns mean Greater Giving

To find out why this past Nov. 13 was the biggest day in the history of Georgia giving, we spoke to a few of the nonprofits who logged big Gives Day totals by innovating, taking risks, and following the examples from our pre-Day training series.


Jocelyn Dorsey: How a broadcast news pioneer became an indispensable community leader

A familiar presence in metro area living rooms for decades, WSB’s Jocelyn Dorsey has also become a sector MVP, leading the broadcaster’s long-running Family 2 Family community service project and lending air time, production expertise, and on-air talent to many nonprofit communications teams.


Consider the Scorecard

GCN Consulting VP Tim Johnson introduces the Balanced Scorecard approach to strategic planning, which provides a powerful tool for categorizing priorities and mapping them so that everyone on the team can understand how their work fits into the big picture.


Surrounding Themselves with Good People: Jewish Family & Career Services builds a vision and a brain trust

Discover how Gary Miller and Lynn Redd of JF&CS crafted a problem-solving board capable of taking on any challenge, and how they keep that valuable team engaged and empowered, in the latest edition of our Board Chair-CEO conversation series.


Networks of Responsibility and the Future of Social Good

At her organization’s 2014 conference, Independent Sector CEO Diana Aviv offered her solution to the entangled issues facing our communities: more and better partnerships. Here, Aviv outlines a practical concept nonprofits can use to kick-start a collaborative culture that spans sectors.


Brand-Building for a CURE

An ambitious mission demands a similarly ambitious communications effort. See how CURE Childhood Cancer built a new campaign from the ground up, and check out a roundup of free and reduced-price marketing opportunities from WSB-TV, 11Alive, the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia, and more.

Looking for marketing partners? Check out our Marketing & Communications resource list for Georgia nonprofit professionals.