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Georgia Nonprofit NOW | Spring 2015



In issue no. 12 of NOW, we take you behind the scenes of GCN’s Momentum initiatives, talking with folks currently participating in the sector-raising process that’s building networks of high-performing nonprofits around the state.

We also break down the results of our latest Taking Measure survey, a look at priorities and perceptions across the grantmaker-grantee community; recap the legislative session in nonprofit issues and hear from three members effecting change at the Gold Dome; learn about putting on a successful event from Kate’s Club; and more. Don’t miss the roundtable interview lead by CEO Karen Beavor, featuring the thoughts of four philanthropy leaders on the state of the grantmaker-grantee conversation. 

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Just in time for reports on State legislation, Tom Tierney’s workshop on power and influence, and our latest Taking Measure survey, GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor shares some thoughts on the dynamics of communication: “Information, as important as it is, won’t do a thing without the communication skills to convey it.”



Momentum Across Georgia:
A high-performance movement goes state-wide

Around the state, GCN and an array of funding partners are deploying Momentum, a multi-year engagement for building high performance practices in a network of nonprofits, currently engaging 190 nonprofits and 12 funders across the state. We talked to the folks involved—participants, coaches, and supporters—for this look at the process that Karen Paty, executive director at Georgia Council for the Arts, reports is “fueling culture shifts in the way that organizations operate.”



Taking Measure of Georgia Grantmaking Trends:
Lessons from our second survey of foundations and nonprofits

Looking again at the state of funding priorities and perceptions, Taking Measure 2014 reveals what Georgia foundations and nonprofits think about each other when it comes to securing and investing grant money, communication and responsiveness, and organizational needs. In this report, you’ll learn how the needs of nonprofits line up with grantmakers' likelihood to respond, as well as the warning signs that keep funders from considering a particular applicant.


The Power of Influence

Tom Tierney leads a talk on the practice and benefits of influence for the Leading for Impact—Atlanta program, revealing the reason leaders listen while “most people, most of the time, are thinking about themselves.” In this recap, you’ll learn some simple ways to become a better listener and, as a result, a more influential leader.


Change of Heart: A smart merger recasts the work
at YWCA of Greater Atlanta

In our latest Board Chair-CEO conversation, the duo heading YWCA of Greater Atlanta go beyond the subject of their high-functioning relationship, built on mutual honesty and trust, to take us through their recent merger with Georgia Women for a Change, and the teamwork it took to make sure it was a success for everyone involved.


For Fun and Profit: How Kate's Club plans for event success

Rethinking their approach to events, Kate’s Club consolidated two different yearly events into one annual gala, and created a hit on multiple levels. The resulting success—three record-breaking Spirit of Kate’s Club Galas to date—is the result of some hard-won wisdom, clever practices, and attention to the bottom line: a good time. ED Emily Brenner Hawkins and Director of Development Rachel Ezzo share the details in our latest member-authored case study.


What Happened at the Gold Dome, 2015

Our annual report from the state capitol, where they passed new funding for transportation, schools, and health care, as well as bills affecting the sector, our causes, and our stakeholders. In this updated online report, find out whether a bill affecting your work fell victim to Gov. Deal’s veto.


Voices from the Gold Dome

Three GCN members report from the front lines of policy advocacy in these excerpts from our Nonprofit Voice blog series, illuminating the work that goes into making sure a policy initiative gets the support it needs to pass. Says Pat Willis, ED of Voices for Georgia’s Children, “It’s comparable to jumping rope on the playground: there are multiple roles required in order to play.”


Philanthropy Roundtable: State of the sector-wide conversation

Four philanthropy pros, led by GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor, sat down to talk about keeping up the conversation between grantmakers and nonprofits, sector togetherness, and improving collaboration. Sit in with them, and find out what they think about the changing information needs of the sector, and the solutions possible through greater collaboration.