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Georgia Nonprofit NOW | Spring 2014



In our spring issue: a detailed guide to strategic planning backed by GCN research into the expectations of funders, a conversation with Points of Light director and candidate for Senate Michelle Nunn, and a discussion with the ED and board chair of Chattahoochee Riverkeeper about planning for the organization's first ever change of leadership. Plus: one successful social entrepreneur's vision of an economy fueled by pro bono work and a roundup of state legislation passed in the session just ended. 

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Fueling Impact: It's what we do.

When we talk about a truly successful nonprofit, are we discussing impact or performance? As the fiscal year comes to an end, GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor considers what you really need to create meaningful, sustainable benefits for your community.



Sharpen Your Strategic Advantage

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” That’s why every nonprofit needs a strategic plan that’s robust, up to date, clear, and accountable. With GCN research to lead the way, we take you step by step through the planning process, sharing tools and examples to help you build a plan that elevates performance, energizes staff, rallies stakeholders to action, and proves your worth to increasingly selective funders. 


A Riverkeeper Retires: Changing Leadership at CRK

Chattahoochee Riverkeeper is preparing for its first change in executive leadership since its founding in 1994. Talking with their current director and board chair, GCN Senior Consultant Mary Bear Hughes finds out how they’re making a smart transfer of power, and why they’ve selected a duo of leaders to succeed Director and Riverkeeper Sally Bethea.


The Purpose Economy: How your nonprofit can tap the potential of the next economic revolution

As professionals get increasingly serious about using their skills for community betterment, Taproot Foundation founder Aaron Hurst envisions the next stage of economic evolution: a market driven by workers’ demand for purpose and nonprofits’ ability to supply it. Pointing out the signs guiding his vision, and the Purpose Economy initiatives already underway, Hurst challenges Georgia’s nonprofit community to create a hub for the new order—and tap a rich vein of support in the process.


Michelle Nunn: Sector Star Turned Senate Hopeful

The woman who led Points of Light to become the largest volunteer organization in the world is running for one of the Senate seats formerly held by her father, Sam Nunn. Michelle Nunn spoke to GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor from the road in south Georgia about her work in the sector and how it’s shaped her approach to policy, coalition-building, and the state’s challenges.


Finding Skills-Based Volunteers: Where to start

When looking for skills-based volunteers, it’s best to begin with who you know: your donors, your partners, your board, and your current volunteers. The executive director of Corporate Volunteer Council of Atlanta tells you how.  Plus: a list of local and online services to match you with your next skilled volunteer.


What Happened at the Gold Dome, 2014

Our roundup of 2014 Georgia legislation includes budget increases for educators and the developmentally disabled, legislative wins for environmental advocates and nonprofits serving families of hospitalized children, and wins-in-progress for the child welfare system and the crisis of rural healthcare access. Plus: How GCN’s new blog feature, Nonprofit Voice, is spotlighting member solutions to pressing community issues.


Professional Development, Customized and Delivered

GCN’s Nonprofit University now has custom training programs: designed to meet specific organizational needs, delivered where you need it, and already helping member nonprofits like Georgia Head Start and Sheltering Arms.