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Georgia Nonprofit NOW | Spring 2012


Georgia Nonprofit NOW debuts with impressive statistics from our groundbreaking study, The Economic Impact of Georgia’s Nonprofit Sector; an interview with Bridgespan Group Chairman and Co-Founder Thomas J. Tierney; and a report from William E. Burckart, of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies, on the “New Frontiers of Philanthropy.” Plus: five steps to a strategic plan, finding your advocacy mojo, and more.

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Our Economic Impact by the Numbers
GCN’s latest research report, The Economic Impact of Georgia’s Nonprofit Sector, quantifies our sector’s powerful and growing contribution to the overall health of our economy. Georgia’s nonprofits bring in and retain money in the state; provide jobs, wages and tax revenues; circulate money in the economy through purchases of goods and services; and represent a vibrant network of active community leaders, policymakers and businesses.


Man on a Mission
Tom Tierney is on a mission to increase the impact of giving and bring about meaningful social change. The chairman and co-founder of the Bridgespan Group, and co-author of Give Smart: Philanthropy That Gets Results, shares his perspective on how to build better donor-grantee collaboration and strengthen sector leadership.


The New Frontiers of Philanthropy
There's a revolution underway on the borders of traditional philanthropy, says Bill Burckart of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies. To navigate it, we’ll need a clear and accessible roadmap to the “more entrepreneurial, more diverse, more global, and more collaborative” philanthropy of the 21st century.


The Sector is Big, but are We Strong?
The sheer size of the nonprofit sector suggests that it should be highly influential. So why is it that, with rare exception, nonprofits in recent decades have failed to win on major issues in the public interest such as strong gun control measures, campaign finance reform, and affordable housing for the poor?



What Happened at the Gold Dome.
A Wrap-up of the 2012 Legislative Session of the Georgia General Assembly.


What does it say about the siginifcance of the sector that Bill Bolling is 2012 Georgian of the Year?
The founder and executive director of the Atlanta Community Food Bank shares his reaction to the news, talks about his work at the Food Bank, and offers some frank words about what we must do to strengthen the sector.