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Lead. It’s what you do every day, whether your title says so or not. Leadership is a muscle you build by doing, but it also takes training to realize your full potential—training, and a plan. In this issue, we look at a few aspects of that plan with help from leadership training experts at GCN and around the country. And we hear from Georgia leaders at Camp Twin Lakes and CHRIS Kids, Coca-Cola’s Lisa Borders, and others, about how they advance their ability to lead.

We hope that what you read will help you take the next step: create a plan for developing your leadership skills, and help drive your organization—and your mission—to success. 

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How do you learn to lead?

Most executives spend a lot more time leading than learning. GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor reminds us that it's important to take time to refine our leadership skills while highlighting GCN's commitment to helping leaders continue to grow through inspiring and impactful programs.



Developing a talent for talent development

The Bridgespan Group’s Kirk Kramer and Preeta Nayak provide a few planning procedures and next steps for putting together a leadership development plan for the organization.



Making the move from manager to leader: 7 shifts for the newly promoted

Lessons from one of the most popular training series at Nonprofit University, our Certificate of Supervision & Management, for those undertaking “one of the trickiest career transformations.”


Advancing your personal leadership, one step at a time

The level of your leadership, according to author and coach John C. Maxwell, has everything to do with influence: on your team, your peers, and your organization.


Finding the leader in you

Trainer and coach Yvonne Bryant Johnson, a familiar face at GCN’s Nonprofit University, provides tips for taking the next step in your leadership journey, and twelve of her students share lessons learned.


Focus, honesty, over-communication: How CHRIS Kids leads

Our Board Chair-CEO conversation series continues with this look at what makes CHRIS Kids CEO Kathy Colbenson and Board Chair Chad Duncan an effective leadership duo.


Leading for Impact: Developing the leadership team

Organizational leadership is almost always a team effort. Camp Twin Lakes shares the benefits of building their skill at collaborative, mission-based decision-making.


Happy hunting, and how it’s done

The most important part of your leadership search is having a consistent process. Here’s how senior consultant Mary Bear Hughes makes that process clear, relevant, and effective for our Nonprofit Consulting Group clients.


The youngest leader in the room

A recent panel discussion with four young nonprofit directors uncovered some advice for the next generation of leaders (and insight for those who work with them).


The Philanthropic Evolution Continues: Lisa Borders, The Coca-Cola Foundation Chair

Borders chairs one of Atlanta’s most prominent homegrown philanthropies—but that’s just the latest in a career full of high-profile leadership roles. Here, she shares the way her multi-sector experience has served her, and lessons learned.


Social media strategies for aspiring thought leaders

Author, coach, and “networked nonprofit” guru Beth Kanter teaches you how to become a thought leader on Twitter, LinkedIn, and wherever else you spend your spare moments online.