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Georgia Nonprofit NOW | Fall 2013


Readying for your end of the year fundraising push? To help, we take a deep dive into the new frontier of giving: online donors. Find out what’s driving donors online, how to approach them, and why they’re your new cause champions, then learn about our plans for Georgia Gives Day 2013—including the tactics that drove five nonprofits to become last year's GIves Day "All-Stars." Plus: discover what the Knight Foundation has been up to in three Georgia communities,  the governing secrets of two top Bobby Dodd Institute leaders, and lessons from a decade in powerful advocate coalition-building by Voices for Georgia's Children.

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Are nonprofits a-changin’?

Karen Beavor asks why, in this digital age, donors should have a hard time finding great causes to support online—and why raising money online shouldn’t be free for your nonprofit. (The solutions to both: Georgia Gives Day.)



Where the Donors Are

The future of giving is online, mobile, and going viral. Our look into the new frontier of fundraising includes a look at the latest data, why online supporters are natural-born fundraisers, and how you’ll soon be able to reach potential donors at the perfect moment.



Into the Vortex: A Support Model for Activating Your Cause Champions Online

Online, supporters are finding new ways to approach your nonprofit—here’s a new way to approach them. Georgetown University’s Julie Dixon shows you how to rethink “contributions,” reframe what you ask, and tap the hidden potential of your new cause champions. Plus: takeaways from Dixon’s groundbreaking research on the new “currency of influence.”


No Such Thing as a Social Media Expert: 10 Tips for a New Frontier

It has nothing to do with you. Emotions get shared before facts. Stop trying to monetize. Davin Green of Green Machine Inc. shares these and seven more ways to help you stay on message as you navigate the ever-evolving and unpredictable landscape of social media. 


Engaging Millennials

Millennials support causes first, not organizations, so it’s up to you to convince them that your nonprofit is the best way for them to make a difference on the wider issue. Your challenge: how can you reach them, engage them, and persuade them to act? Check out our breakdown of Achieve's Millennial Impact Report for recommendations that you can put to work.


Gearing Up and Counting Down to Georgia Gives Day 2013

As Nov. 13 nears, we’ve put together a rundown of our plans, the reasons you need to be a part of them, and the simple ways you can use GA Gives to build an online giving movement of your own. Plus: your Georgia Gives Day checklist. 



Georgia Gives Day All-Stars, 2012: How They Did It

What propelled last year’s high-performing fundraisers to Gives Day success? Leaders at five different nonprofits tell us what made the difference in their online fundraising strategy, on the day itself and in the months since.


Beverly Blake: Community Champion and “Gives Day” Devotee

The Knight Foundation’s Macon Program Director talks about Knight’s work in three Georgia communities, the organization’s enthusiasm for Gives Day initiatives across the country, and why Georgia nonprofits need GA Gives Day.


Sharing the Vision at Bobby Dodd Institute

In the second installment of our Board-CEO interview series, Bobby Dodd’s Board Chair Rodney Hall and CEO Wayne McMillan discuss their collaborative relationship, the importance of transparency and feedback, and the processes that keep their organization humming. Plus: a better board in four steps.


Why Advocacy Loves Company

In ten years, Voices for Georgia’s Children has started, lead, and grown three statewide coalitions that arm policy-makers with the knowledge and ability to make positive decisions for kids. Voices ED Pat Willis shares the secrets of a dedicated coalition-builder and advocacy veteran.