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Georgia Nonprofit NOW | Winter 2019


Gearing up for 2019, we present an expert look at nonprofit sector watchdogs from the CPAs at Mauldin & Jenkins, a funder-ready case for improving employee compensation, an in-depth lesson on diversity and inclusion, the inventive new ideas competition at Jewish Family & Career Services, and much, much more.

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First-hand tips for a data-first approach: Lessons from The Gathering Place

Two years into a new process for measuring outcomes and making decisions, the CEO of The Gathering Place has ten tips for any organization seeking a data-based solution for better planning, growing, and communicating their impact.


Making the case for more competitive salaries

To convince funders and board members to invest in greater employee pay, we can’t just plead the cause of a living wage or name-check recruitment, retention, and productivity. We need data, strategy, and the true cost of doing business, as GCN’s Mary Hughes explains.


What the watchdogs see

As scrutiny of nonprofits intensifies, it’s critical to understand the agencies keeping tabs on the sector. Two experts from Mauldin & Jenkins detail the priorities of these watchdogs, and how to satisfy them, in this member event recap.


The nonprofit lifecycle: A model for making smart decisions

Understanding your organization's “life stage” can help frame critical conversations, strategic decisions, and capacity-building, wherever you are: from idea to maturity to turnaround. GCN Consulting has details on each stage, plus a quiz to determine where you stand.


The value of difference: Leadership lessons on inclusion and equity

Looking at the challenge and value of diversity, VP Jose Bright leads a thoughtful, practical class in building cultural intelligence and realizing the potential of inclusion organization-wide.


Enter the Carp Tank: An inventive contest that makes innovation exciting

A culture of innovation doesn’t happen overnight: It takes thoughtful leadership, patience, and – in the case of 125-year-old nonprofit Jewish Family & Career Services Atlanta – a little healthy competition. Here’s how they made innovation fun and rewarding.


Speaking across generations: Better communications in an age-diverse office

It takes more than active listening to understand those outside your age-group – as demonstrated in a recent forum hosted by YNPN Atlanta, you’ve got to recognize generational differences in technology use, time management, and more.