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Georgia Nonprofit NOW | Winter 2018


Presenting our NOW winter edition, a roundup of reporting over the past quarter, leading with trend insight from CEO Karen Beavor and a primer on strategic HR from Nonprofit University. Also in this issue: sector leaders weigh in on how they tackle fundraising appeals, mergers, employee wellness, skilled volunteer projects, marketing campaigns, and more, plus alliance-building tips from Consulting VP José Bright.

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Why trends matter to nonprofits

With the rate of change today, adaptation is a must. GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor details three principles for identifying the trends that most affect your efforts, and turning them to your advantage.



Jump-start your staffing strategy: Three steps toward a plan

You can’t reach your goals without the right people in the right positions at the right time – and you can’t line up those factors without a thoughtful, comprehensive approach. Here’s how to get one underway.



Why wellness works

Ten years ago, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta set out to redefine corporate wellness efforts for a staff of 11,000-plus. Here’s what it took to make their Strong4Life program a success, and the dividends it’s paid for employees and patients.


Four steps to a killer skills-based volunteer project

Looking to build a financial model, develop a scheduling app, or create a fundraising video, but don’t have the talent on-hand? Hands On Atlanta CEO Jay Cranman shares a step-by-step process for meeting those needs with volunteer expertise.


Grit and stamina, energy and inspiration: Behind United Way’s breakout campaign

Charting a new direction for a sector icon is no small task. United Way Worldwide CMO Lisa Bowman, the 2017 AMA Nonprofit Marketer of the Year, tells us about the research, determination, and tough conversations that went into their bold “Join the Fight” campaign.


The need to convene: Alliance-building in six steps

Because partnerships are more vital than ever, GCN VP Sir José Bright outlines a process for putting together an effective alliance with help from two leaders in the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies.


More than compatibility: What makes a merger work

Every merger has its challenges, even among the most aligned of partners. FOCUS + Fragile Kids Associate ED Joy Trotti shares lessons learned, including funding-friendly resources for marketing and legal issues.


Standing out in a crowd of year-end appeals

We all know when people are most willing to give – like during holidays, or when your cause is in the news. The problem: Getting lost in the pile-up. Use these tips from Dad’s Garage Communications Director Matt Terrell, and your ask will rise to the top.