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Georgia Nonprofit NOW | Winter 2016


This double issue offers a tip-filled look at nonprofit resource development today—from strategy to events, foundations, millennial giving, online campaigns, and more.

Funding doesn’t happen in a vacuum: it depends on a cascade of efforts, resources, and other variables aligned to the task. To help you consider the strategy you use to coordinate it all, we’ve pulled together member stories of fundraising progress and success—in forging plans, throwing multi-dimensional events, and starting a culture-wide shift—with insight from experts in our Nonprofit Consulting Group, and news from Nonprofit University about the next level of fundraiser education.

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The strategic approach to sustainability

In an increasingly competitive environment, calls for nonprofits to pursue sustainability are rampant. However, the concept is often oversimplified, emphasizing the financial sustainability of an organization to the exclusion of all else. True sustainability means so much more.



How a Balanced Scorecard transforms your development efforts

Instead of trying to break even by the end of the year, you could be building a foundation for your nonprofit’s future. The first step: a solid strategic framework.



No ask required: Everyone’s role in a culture of fundraising

Lessons from an interactive workshop that makes every staffer an organizational ambassador and a development department asset.


The measures of event success

Because an event isn’t just a way to make money, we asked seven GCN members how their signature events have been raising revenue and excitement.


A new path to fundraising mastery:
Why—and how—to support your development talent

Nonprofit University introduces a new vision for supporting fundraisers at every step of their career—from building core competencies to mastering advanced practice areas.



Georgia Gives Day 2015:
Bringing Our State Together

What made this past Nov. 12 our state's biggest day of giving ever? Check our official roundup of the numbers, meet our partners, and learn about some of the nonprofit campaigns that drove more than $3.67 million in donations.


Building on a philanthropic legacy at The Home Depot Foundation

As she takes the reins at The Home Depot Foundation, we asked ED Shannon Gerber for her thoughts on the mission, the power of employee volunteerism, and more.


Seeking the Millennial donor:
How the largest generation gives back

It isn’t easy to pin down the most diverse American demographic yet. That’s why we turned to the research to find out how this highly loyal, highly mobile cohort gives back.


Winning over the foundation:
Three tips for reaching hearts and minds

Gaining grantmakers' favor is a matter of art and science: putting readers in the shoes of your beneficiaries while making a hard-to-refuse investment proposition.