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Georgia Nonprofit NOW | Summer 2018


This season’s issue features #GivingTuesday advice from movement leader Henry Timms and Georgia’s own top campaigners, plus CEO-level strategies for recruiting and retaining talent, principles for aligning your marketing and fundraising teams, how Susan G. Komen topped their own top fundraiser, and much more.  

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Power shift: The #GivingTuesday founder on the “new power” principles transforming philanthropy

Author and ED Henry Timms explains how the “connected crowd” is redefining the way we rally supporters and create impact, and how his team leveraged it to launch the global #GivingTuesday phenomenon.



When new leaders inspire an end run: Tips and scripts for board members

It’s understandable for staffers to share their angst with a trusted board member – but it’s also a good way to derail a new leader. Here’s how to field that call with respect for everyone involved.



Getting ahead of GAgives on #GivingTuesday: Planning advice from top campaigners

We know it pays to start planning early; to find out more, we asked a group of campaign leaders: What are the most important first steps for starting your #GivingTuesday campaign planning strong?


Retention, recruitment, and the nonprofit advantage: Practical ideas from GCN’s Spring CEO Forum

Taken from our latest gathering of member executives, GCN CEO Karen Beavor provides reasons to be optimistic about a tight market for talent, and tactics for becoming a top competitor.



Rebooting an icon: How Komen topped its most famous fundraiser

Revamping a beloved, generation-old signature event, Susan G. Komen made sure to do it the right way, and for the right reasons. The result: A new Walk that hit the ground running.


SMARTer marketing strategies through Connective Impact

If communications and development aren’t working together, they’re probably working at odds. To maximize your donor cultivation efforts, MagnifyGood CEO Sam Stern suggests rethinking internal relationships using Collective Impact principles.



How valuable is social media, really?

Leading brands understand that an online community is, quite simply, the best and most economical database you can get. Find out why from “zealotry marketing” expert and NU instructor April Voris.



Looking for volunteer leaders? Give them what they want

It takes intentional efforts to establish volunteer leadership for the long-term. Nonprofit University facilitator Shirley Anne Smith reveals what they’re looking for from you – and where you can learn more.