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For our second IDEAS issue, we collected 36 stories of innovation from our members and partners across Georgia—from an office full of standing desks to a global model for sustainable highways to sector-jumping collaborations. We also spoke with award-winning entrepreneur David Cummings, founder of Atlanta Tech Village, heard from Park Pride ED Michael Halicki on the power of subsector diversity, and gathered our GCN Nonprofit Consulting Group experts to put three secrets for motivating the board into action.

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How IDEAS Take Wing

In our always-on, constantly-connected, forever-busy world, how do we happen on the ideas that make a difference? By working with ears to the ground, the materials at hand, and our unique understanding of the bigger picture.


IDEAS 2015: Nonprofit Innovation at Work in Georgia

Our second annual call for ideas from the GCN community triggered a flood of news about initiatives breaking ground across the full range of nonprofit management: from programs to partnerships to fundraising to communications and more, helping to build capacity and expand reach, take the impact online and into the halls of government, and better meet the mission.


Three secrets, and several tips, for kickstarting your board

Want board members to jump in with both feet? According to the experts from our Nonprofit Consulting Group, it’s not just a matter of strategic planning and understanding organizational needs, but practices that encourage clarity, communication, and board member empowerment.







What’s your board prognosis? A check-up in nine questions

In anticipation of our annual Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic, coming up Oct. 23, we’ve provided an easy topline assessment for your current board performance



The New Mayor of Atlanta Tech

When David Cummings arrived in Atlanta, finding a community of like-minded tech entrepreneurs was a true challenge. Thirteen years (and two successful startups) later, he’s custom-built a home for that community in the heart of Buckhead. Here, he shares the work and the philosophy that brought the Atlanta Tech Village to life, and what its success means for the city’s nonprofit sector.



Cultivating a Landscape of Strengths: How a crowded subsector means greater impact

While outsiders might wonder at the sheer number of nonprofits working on a single cause like parks and greenspaces, the executive director of Park Pride argues that there’s no better way to achieve real, lasting change than through a diverse coalition, leveraging their individual strengths in concert.


A Site Better

Find out how the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI) put together a new online experience calibrated to the needs of their education partners and their staff, positioning them to lead in a digital-first future.