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Georgia Nonprofit NOW | Spring 2018


In this issue, you’ll join a discussion of workforce diversity (including new proof of its promise), sit in on performance measures training, collect tips for the talent hunt, discover why corporations need you now, help the campaign for an accurate 2020 Census, build a better communications team, and much more.

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Scoring the diversity bonus: A discussion

In his new book, researcher Scott Page proves the positive impact of workplace diversity on productivity and innovation. Recently, Page sat down with a panel of Atlanta leaders to considers the promise, challenges, and practical steps involved.



Another season of insight from Work for Good

Some of the most indispensable advice from the past few months of our hiring and career website, including reasons to hire older, ways to prepare your professional story, tactics for checking references, and new research into workforce attitudes – plus more.



The talent hunt is (still) on: 6 tips for hiring and retention

With unemployment low and workers’ expectations high, every nonprofit with a position to fill must take active steps now to become the employer of choice. Mary Hughes, leader of the executive search practice for GCN’s Nonprofit Consulting Group, shows you how.


Measuring what matters: Custom training in Augusta

Measures are critical for a host of reasons – evaluating performance, reporting impact, and making the case for investing in your organization. But not all measures are equal: There are those that show what you’ve done, and those that show the difference you’ve made.


Corporate urgency, nonprofit opportunity: Why businesses need you

Given the daily influx of new social campaigns, boycotts, marches, and hashtag-powered pressure on business, nonprofits hold unprecedented value for corporate partners. Here’s how to make the most of your opening.


Making the 2020 Census count: A nonprofit

An accurate census is fundamental to the work you do and the people you serve – but it isn’t an equal-opportunity enterprise. Expert Terri Ann Lowenthal gives nonprofits multiple ways (and reasons) to help ensure a successful 2020 Census.



What the right communications staff can do for you

It takes skilled, trusted communicators to weave all your organization's voices into a cohesive and compelling whole. Big Duck CEO Sarah Durham shares tips for anyone seeking their next great marcom team member.