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Georgia Nonprofit NOW | Spring 2017


In the Spring issue of NOW, we’re focusing on what it takes to lead through change, including practices for weathering uncertain times; an introduction and invitation to GCN’s new advocacy coalition; and a look at how members are scaling up, rebranding, joining forces, and building cultural intelligence. Plus: Crafting your resource development plan, strategy from GPB’s new head of fundraising, and more.

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Speaking with a unified voice: Introducing the Nonprofit Federal Issues Coalition.

In the face of current policy-making practice, the only way to ensure our common cause is through joint leadership and an imperative to defend our shared interests. A new GCN-led coalition is bringing the Georgia sector together to organize cooperative, strategic responses.



Reporting from the Leading for Impact—Atlanta initiative, managers from The Bridgespan Group highlight three powerful, customizable tools developed by participants to prioritize, plan, and track mission work. 


Time (again) to take charge: Four practices for an uncertain era

Though it’s hard to predict exactly what policy changes are on the way from the new White House – and okay to be worried about it! – nonpro ts can weather them the same way we have in the past: with resiliency, sustainability, alliances, and advocacy. 


Major scale: Behind First Step Staffing’s outsized acquisition

A nonprofit staffing agency grows its impact tenfold by buying a for-profit peer, and learns a few things about assembling funders, merging cultures, and minding stakeholders. 


In three award-winning joint projects, a handful of Atlanta nonpro ts demonstrate the power of Design Thinking principles, and The Home Depot Foundation’s grantee network, to answer challenges larger than any one organization. 


What's in a rebrand? How we became CHRIS 180

Crafting a new identity for CHRIS Kids has taken communication, consideration, investment, and patience from every corner of the nonprofit.


Getting what you want from donors means giving them what they want, in terms of messaging, asks, and appreciation. Plus: A roadmap for readying your Georgia Gives Day 2017 campaign


Gain more allies, build better connections, and further your mission using cultural intelligence 

It’s not just politically correct to sharpen your understanding of cultural differences among stakeholders: It’s a competitive advantage, empowering you to improve programs, messaging, and relationships. 


Making the most of membership: Bert Huffman rethinks the GPB donor equation 

Since taking charge of fundraising at Georgia Public Broadcasting, Bert Huffman has deepened engagement with their most plentiful resource – the 62,000-strong GPB membership community – and initiated events showing that they offer more than All Things Considered.