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Georgia Nonprofit NOW 27 | Summer 2019


In our summer edition, NOW delivers a look at the four types of nonprofit leaders, an in-depth interview with Candid EVP Jacon Harold, new research into corporate-nonprofit partnerships (just in time for GAgives campaign planning), how MAAC developed their Theory of Change, and tips for managing an intergenerational board, engaging employees, and putting a stop to workplace bullying – plus more!

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Four types of leaders – and the one you need

The stage your organization is in has everything to do with the kind of executive you need. Too often, those needs are a mystery to everyone – from CEO to staff to board – as Senior Consultant Kathy Keeley explains.



Let’s be Candid: What the big new merger promises nonprofits

GCN CEO Karen Beavor sits down with Jacob Harold, EVP of Candid, to find out what went into the GuideStar-Foundation Center team-up, and what their combined insight means for the sector’s future.



How strategic planning happens, part one: From environmental scan to the board-staff retreat

With tips for gathering data and aligning the team behind a common set of goals, Senior Consultant Elizabeth Runkle kicks off her two-part walkthrough of the strategic planning process.



How strategic planning happens, part two: Preparing for launch

Senior Consultant Elizabeth Runkle completes her two-part walkthrough of the strategic planning process with tips for crafting the plan, gaining buy-in, and putting strategy into action.



Theory, practice, and how they’re measured: MAAC preps for constant change

How the Theory of Change came together for a unique Georgia nonprofit, and what it means for their efforts to convince government funders that MAAC’s work is worth the investment – no matter who is in office.



Honing your partnership pitch: Georgians go big for corporations that give back

A new study shows how much Georgia workers value corporate generosity – easily outstripping national averages – and gives nonprofits fresh insights for their next partnership proposal.



Conflict and the intergenerational board

Just as all boards should include multiple generations, all board members should be able to engage with the differences among them. Senior Consultant Kathy Keeley explains why that’s not always the case, and what can be done.



Workplace bullying: The Menace, the Minion, the Martyr, and you

It’s easy to come up with an anti-bullying policy – but how do you change the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that keep a work environment hostile? NU Instructor Tracey Knight has answers.



The real meaning of employee engagement

Look deeper, and you’ll find that engagement isn’t about emotional connection, feedback, or career paths – it’s about setting people up for success. Authors Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter point out what you’re missing.