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Georgia Nonprofit NOW 26 | Spring 2019


This season, NOW brings you practical lessons from some of our top consultants and Nonprofit University instructors, including Kathy Keeley on outcomes measures, Christal Cherry on donor love, April Voris on social media, and more – plus HR secrets from Southface and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta, and an in-depth account of the partnership that’s helping New American Pathways manage major changes in refugee policy.

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Outcomes mean impact: The new measure of success

Gone are the days of reporting outputs. Instead of counting the number of people we’ve served, we need to start measuring the difference we’ve made in their lives – as explained by GCN EVP and Senior Consultant Kathy Keeley.



A painful policy shift, a tactical team-up: Three agencies align to manage change

The CEO of New American Pathways discusses the unexpected changes that set back a subsector, and the collaborative efforts they’re making to create more efficient, resilient, and ready operations.




How Southface seeks the lead in today’s market for talent

Equity, transparency, and research are reshaping the compensation strategy at one of the state’s most innovative nonprofits. GCN Senior Consultant Mary Hughes finds out how, and why, Southface has made improving employee pay a top strategic priority.




How do you show your Donor Love?

Valentine’s Day might be over, but it’s always a good time to show your donors how much they mean to you – as GCN Senior Consultant Christal M. Cherry explains, it will drive them to advocate, volunteer, and give time after time.




7 keys to raising followers – and funds – through social media

Nonprofit University Instructor April Voris shares a lesson from her upcoming Social Media Certificate series, revealing best practices for cultivating cause zealots online.




Like a boss: Your role in the new leadership model

Today, everyone needs to contribute directly to strategic goals – which means everyone needs the chance to become full-fledged strategists. How to think about advancement – yours and others – with new tips from Senior Consultant Mary Hughes.





Want strong ties to your corporate supporters? Repay your grants!

Contrary to popular belief, nonprofits do have to pay back their grants – in impact, image, and engagement. Nonprofit University Instructor Mary-Kay Boler reveals what that means for you and the grantmakers you count on.




[How We Hire] Fulfilling the big potential in every “little”

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta has become the largest one-on-one mentoring organization in the Southeast thanks to the energy, enthusiasm, and experience of their people.