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GCN Submission Guidelines for Contributed Articles

Want to inform the Georgia nonprofit community about ideas that can move the sector forward? Learn how to submit articles for consideration and what GCN is looking for in outside submissions.


GCN accepts limited outside contributions from sector professionals.

GCN prefers submissions from contributors who are experts in and knowledgeable about the types of topics our organization regularly covers. Please see our Resources page for more information about the 11 nonprofit management issue areas we cover.

We do not pay for contributed pieces, but if they are engaging to read and useful to our readers, we will actively promote them, just like any other content that we publish.

Know that the process is highly selective, and all material is subject to editing. Content, headlines, links and other elements may be edited for style or substance at the discretion of the GCN staff. While articles may be used in more than one GCN communications channel, the approach to distribution for a given article may vary based on need.

Pitches and article submissions are reviewed approximately once a month. See the bottom of this page for more detailed pitching procedures.


Following this guidance may increase the likelihood that your submission is chosen for publication.

- Articles submitted for consideration should be relevant to the interests of GCN’s readership, which is comprised of nonprofit executives and sector professionals.

- Content should have a tone that is appropriate for GCN, and be written by a person, not a PR department.

- We are seeking lively, personable, insightful writing that presents new ideas, advances conversation around nonprofit issues and delivers a point of view that engage our readers.

- While we encourage drawing from your own professional experiences to support your ideas, overt self-promotion of a product or service diminishes the likelihood we will publish your article.


Types of articles outside contributors write for GCN:




Insights: Based on any of GCN’s primary topic areas, written by staff, third-party sector experts and partners or strategically selected content from Georgia Nonprofit NOW magazine. 400-750 words. See example here.

Member Story: Article about a GCN nonprofit member organization, showing how they approached an organizational management challenge or highlighting a successful initiative. 500-1000 words. See example here.


Georgia Nonprofit NOW Blog

Nonprofit Voice: Series demonstrating specific ways GCN members are working to create change, typically around a policy or high-profile issue, with content about advocacy and policy. Written as an “op-ed” by GCN member executive directors or executive staff. 400-600 words. See examples here.

GCN requests that contributed articles for digital channels remain exclusive to us for 7 days, after which time they may be reprinted in part or full on other sites, with a link back to the original article on GCN.org.



Georgia Nonprofit NOW (Quarterly Magazine)

Vision: Forum for the forward-thinking, the innovative and the inspiring, written by leaders and practitioners in the nonprofit community. 500-1500 words. See example here.

Case Study: Member nonprofits report on a recent initiative, explaining what made it a success, what they learned and/or what they’d do differently. 400-600 words. See example here.

Feature Reporting: In-depth look into once critical aspect of nonprofit management, examining everything from online giving to leadership development, board engagement to volunteer management, strategic planning to partnerships and more. Outside contributions typically make up one part of an overall package, and are solicited by GCN. See example here.

Annual IDEAS Feature:  Through our annual summer IDEAS issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW, we highlight innovative ways in which nonprofits are meeting their mission and strengthening their communities. See example here.

GCN requests that contributed articles for our print channels remain exclusive to us for 90 days, after which time they may be reprinted in part or full, with a tag indicating the original article appeared previously in Georgia Nonprofit NOW magazine.


How to submit your proposal:

- E-mail your proposal to [email protected].

- Include the name, e-mail address and phone number for all authors, along with titles and organizational affiliations.

- We prefer original content for our publications. If your submission has been published elsewhere, please let us know.

- We try to respond to every pitch individually. If you don’t hear back from us, feel free to check back in after one month.