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Brandi Rae Hicks

Brandi Rae Hicks is a Grant Writer and Nonprofit Consultant that has raised and managed more than $1 Billion for tax-exempt organizations, institutions of higher education, and government entities. Brandi Rae supports nonprofits and their rise to the next level and provides the right tools and resources to help leaders to continue the great work of giving back to our most deserving neighbors. Brandi Rae Hicks is the founder of a training and development company for nonprofit leaders who want to learn how to serve their communities more abundantly. With every project she serves, Ms. Hicks connects with communities that build sustainable organizations and programs.
Brandi Rae has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from the University of Cincinnati and received both her Master of Business Administration in Marketing and her Master of Public Administration in Nonprofit Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Currently she is a Doctoral Candidate at Northeastern University. Brandi Rae is a published author of “10 Things You Need to Complete Your College Application” and is the Executive Director of College Clinic helping students and their families transition into college and beyond.