Flex Your Raiser's Edge Muscle

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
| by Guest Contributor |

Do you feel like you need Raiser’s Edge boot camp? Whether you are a new or long-time user, adding these simple exercises to your routine...

Quality growth in most areas of life occurs incrementally. Regardless of the skill you are attempting to build, that skill will develop as long as you have a plan to nurture it daily. You can easily max out your Raiser’s Edge (RE) muscle with some small adjustments or additions to your routine. Start using these 10 exercises today—right now—and you’ll pump up your RE skills in no time.

How to put your market research plan to action

In a two-part series on marketing research, veteran marketer and Nonprofit University faculty member Debra Semans tells you why this type of data is vital...

Marketing research for nonprofits isn’t a luxury—it’s a vital tool that’s never been more affordable. In part two of our series on the topic, Debra Semans provides eight ways to help you put your research plan into action

Community Change Begins with the Heart

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
| by Guest Contributor |

A recent partnership study by GCN and The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta on Nonprofit Performance in the 23-County Metro Atlanta Area found that nearly half of the organizations...

Have you asked yourself where the real power in your planning comes from? Civic engagement and organization development expert Peter Block, author of Community: The Structure of Belonging, writes that the energy for change comes from asking the public we serve, “What are the deep commitments that you bring with you?”

The Importance of Being Interim

Leadership transition for any organization is a serious challenge that needs to be handled in a time-conscious, yet thorough, manner. Appointing an interim CEO from...

Inside, read as Susan Thigpen discusses first-hand her experience as interim CEO at Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, and how (with the empowerment of dedicated board) she continued to execute goals, maintain financial strength, and position the organization for new leadership success.


Nonprofit marketing research is vital...and affordable

In a two-part series on marketing research, veteran marketer and Nonprofit University faculty member Debra Semans breaks down why this type of data is vital...

In part one, Semans provides eight decision points in the leadup to executing marketing research that will not only help your nonprofit focus on what is most important, but cut costs by ensuring you are not duplicating efforts or overscaling the design.