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Certificate of Fundraising | Fundraising and Communications

The certificate of fundraising and communication will offer a specially constructed curriculum that will help you and your nonprofit organization build a strong annual fundraising program to meet both the immediate and long-term objects. Through this certificate, you will learn how to offer individuals, businesses, corporations, and foundations the opportunity to touch souls, change lives, inspire creativity, open doors and create impact.

A robust resource development program is critical to the success of all nonprofits organizations. Funders and donors are well informed and more sophisticated in the way they make giving choices. Therefore, the need for nonprofit organizations to understand the changing ‘donor market’ and their stakeholders has become more imperative than ever.

This certificate program is recommended for paid staff, volunteers, philanthropists, and the board of directors, nonprofits leaders, faith-based communities, and those transitioning from the private sector. Prerequisite requirements for attending is the completion of the core Nonprofit University introductory fundraising classes.

Suggested intermediate series courses are not sequential, so if you miss the starting course or are unable to attend any course in the series, you are welcome to take it later on.


FND 220 | The Development Cycle
Learn how to compete in today’s environment, nonprofits are competing for fewer dollars.

Understanding the market place through building relationships, research, and communications are a necessity for nonprofit organizations of every size and type. One of the biggest complaints we hear is that nonprofit organizations are not growing the donor base, influencing their communities and achieving results. This session focuses on understanding the development cycle—creating missionaries for your organization. It is hands on, practical and includes actual exercises to improve outcome and impact. 

FND 230 | Understanding Donors and Motivation for Giving
What does success look like? Funders and donors are well informed and more sophisticated in the way they make giving choices.

It is more imperative that your organization continuously go back to the basics and revisit organizational fundraising strategy and culture to ensure sustainable success. This session will focus on understanding the reasons why people give and the key to understanding how to engage investors through various fundraising channels. 

FND 240 | Successful Moves Management
Every year program cost
increase faster than the median house hold income. How can my nonprofit organization keep up with the demand to cover the gap?

We created a successful annual and sponsorship program, if our programs expense continues at this rate, our current funding is not sufficient. What can we do? This session will help nonprofit organizations to learn how to build a donor relationship, donor centered programs between a high net worth prospect.

FDN 250 | Fundraising Metric & Portfolio Management
Create and use a dashboard to track and improve investment growth

Dashboards are a useful tool for managing outcomes in an organization. Learn how to build dashboards for annual funds, major gifts, multi-year giving, and program support. Just as a car dashboard gives you green, yellow and red to monitor performance; your organization can use the same to communicate and focus the discussions in the group. This session will help the development officer learn the value of a dashboard to monitor performance impact. You will understand how to build on a relationship and implement research strategies in the nonprofit organization’s fundraising efforts.

FDN 260 | Create an active Major Gift Program and “Making the Ask”
The number one way to grow a donor base and learn to tell the story

This session will introduce you to how to create a successful major gift program. The financial payoff in fundraising is when you regularly receive generous or transformative gifts from an ever-increasing number of donors and build a major donor program, no matter the size of your organization. First, it is getting over the fear of asking!


Scholarships Available

Thanks to The Wells Fargo Foundation, limited scholarships are available for eligible nonprofits enrolling in our introductory and intermediate course offerings. 
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A full year of learning, and this program is included! 

To register using your organization's Access 365 subscription, contact us at nu@gcn.org or (678) 916 - 3081.

Program Stats


  • Starts October 19, 2017


9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Georgia Center for Nonprofits
100 Peachtree Street NW
Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30303

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