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Consulting Areas of Expertise

As the leading consulting organization for Georgia's nonprofit executives and board members, GCN's Nonprofit Consulting Group has a breadth and depth of management consulting experience in virtually all major categories of consulting services. In addition, our consultants are available for individualized presentations at retreats and workshops.

Strategic and Business Planning

Our results-based approach to strategic planning begins with a process of educating the leadership team on the importance of impact-based planning. We use a data-driven approach, facilitate participation and buy-in by board and staff, and conclude with solid, actionable plans which align your impact goals with strategies that achieve results. Learn more.

Board Development & Governance

We help underperforming boards to grow stronger. We also work with strong boards to help them become exceptional. We train and consult with hundreds of organizations annually to educate them on the roles and responsibilities of the board, recruiting and retention of the right board, and developing and managing boards. Learn more.

Organizational Development

GCN has a proven process for conducting organizational assessments that help nonprofit leaders and boards to assess their organization, to prioritize development needs, and to build action plans for progress. The first step is frequently an organizational effectiveness study. Learn more.

Executive Coaching & Team Building

Our consultants are facilitators, coaches, and teachers who work with nonprofit leaders to help them evaluate leadership and management gaps to take them to the next level. We begin with an assessment and then develop a customized plan, providing coaching all along the way. We provide tools and recommend training to accelerate this progress. Learn more.

Succession Planning

We help nonprofits develop succession plans that anticipate future talent needs and make them less vulnerable to emergency leadership changes. Learn more.

Executive Transition Management

We make governance and operations recommendations that will attract the strongest candidates, assist with executive search, and plan for long term success for your new leader. Learn more.

Fund Development

GCN consultants assist with a wide range of fund development projects. These include working with the executive director and board to develop and enhance capabilities, develop fundraising assessments, fundraising plans, feasibility studies or helping with a particular fundraising capability area such as major gifts. Our consultants also often speak at board retreats on fundraising development, best practices, and the board's role. Learn more.

Program Evaluation

GCN's program evaluations are a collaborative process in which our experienced consultants work closely with your organization to craft and implement an evaluation design that monitors program success and truly improves policies. In addition, our team is highly qualified in the assessment and evaluation of federal and national grants. Learn more.

Board Transition

As an independent project or as part of broader board development, GCN can work with your executive or board leaders to develop a plan for how to enhance board succession. This may include identification of governance or nominating committee roles, recommendations on processes and support for recruitment, and orientation and development processes.


Our consultants can help you craft a comprehensive marketing plan or work on specific marketing projects. We have expertise in areas such as public relations and communications, branding, social media, and direct marketing and sales. GCN can also help you develop income generating strategies and marketing and sales plans. GCN has designed and delivered marketing curriculum, and we offer a marketing certificate workshop series within Nonprofit University.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Collaboration capabilities are increasingly important to funders and nonprofits as a means to enhance limited capabilities and resources. GCN's position in the center of the nonprofit world enables access to a full network of members, experts, peers, philanthropists, and information. We work with organizations to create a strategy for collaborations and to identify and structure effective partnerships.

Other Services

Dashboard Development, Community Involvement Strategies, Financial Planning, Human Resources Management, and Sustainability