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How we Ignite Possible.

Our mission: build thriving communities by helping nonprofits succeed. How we do it? We take away the barriers that keep nonprofits from achieving. By delivering insights, tools, resources, and know-how, we ignite the potential inside leaders, organizations, and the sector. Learn more

Igniting GIVING

Each year bigger than the last, our annual Georgia Gives Day initiative is building a giving movement for our state, raising more than $5.2 million to date for nonprofits around the state. 

Join us on Nov. 12 as we come together #ForTheGreaterGood at


We’re equipping sector leaders with skills and networks to advance their missions and strengthen Georgia communities. With our nationally recognized leadership development programs, we advance Georgia’s vanguard of nonprofit leaders while fostering the next generation. Learn more

Igniting IMPACT

We’re changing what’s achievable by arming nonprofits with high-performance tools and practices, from strategy to execution, through the work of our Nonprofit Consulting Group and Momentum initiatives, transforming performance among nonprofit cohorts in communities around the state.

Igniting ACTION

We’re expanding nonprofit impact with innovative initiatives, purposeful relationships, and the resources to take risks that deliver. Our vibrant community of members and partners encourages knowledge-sharing, inspires collective solutions, and builds a powerful network for good. Learn more

Igniting TALENT

Change is fueled by difference-makers: the smart, determined, passionate, and creative people who want their work to matter. Through year-round Nonprofit University training opportunities, we’re building a powerful corps of professional sector talent. Learn more


Latest News & Resources

Celebrating Georgia Gives Day 2014

As we prepare for Georgia Gives Day 2015, we want to share a short video highlighting last year's campaign and thank the 2,000 participating nonprofits, 17,000 generous donors, and our amazing sponsors, funders and media partners who made it possible. Together, we raised $2.3 million for Georgia nonprofits last year, and more than $5.2 million to date! Learn more at (and register your nonprofit by Oct. 8) to participate in this year's event on Nov. 12.


For our second IDEAS issue, we collected 36 stories of innovation from GCN members and partners—from an office full of standing desks to a global model for sustainable highways to sector-jumping collaborations. We also spoke with award-winning entrepreneur David Cummings, founder of Atlanta Tech Village, heard from Park Pride ED Michael Halicki on the power of subsector diversity, and gathered our GCN Nonprofit Consulting Group experts to share three secrets for motivating the board into action.

Read our latest issue

Three secrets for kickstarting your board

Want board members to jump in with both feet? According to the experts from our Nonprofit Consulting Group, it’s not just a matter of strategic planning and understanding organizational needs, but practices that encourage clarity, communication, and board member empowerment. Read more.

Consider the Scorecard

GCN Nonprofit Consulting Group VP Tim Johnson introduces the Balanced Scorecard approach to strategic planning, which provides a powerful tool for categorizing priorities and mapping them so that everyone on the team can understand how their work fits into the big picture.
Read more

Taking Measure of Georgia Grantmaking Trends

In our latest Taking Measure survey, part of an ongoing cross-community conversation led by GCN, Foundation Center–Atlanta, and the Georgia Grantmakers Alliance, we uncovered encouraging news for the state’s grantmakers and nonprofits—including rising alignment, stronger communication, and growing opportunities.  
Read more.

Your impact is at the center of GCN's mission. In this spirit, our Nonprofit Voice blog series invites member leaders to speak up about the causes they champion—and how they advance them through community outreach, as policy advocates, and in their everyday work.  
Read the latest

A smart merger recasts the work at YWCA of Greater Atlanta

Our Board Chair-CEO conversation series continues with this look at how CEO Emily Ellison and Board President Erica Qualls-Battey led their organization to navigate change and emerge poised for growth and long-term relevancy. 
Read more

This Month @ GCN


Each month, our complimentary e-newsletter features a batch of fresh insights, our latest Member Story, trending topics, upcoming grant and resource opportunities, and a rundown of upcoming eventsCatch up on the latest issues here and sign up to get it delivered to your inbox each month. 

Announcing a new Momentum for Macon-Bibb Nonprofits

GCN, in partnership with The Peyton Anderson Foundation, is excited to announce the launch of Momentum for Early Childhood Success, an innovative initiative bringing together 12 organizations and four agencies serving the Macon-Bibb County region to strengthen their leadership, infrastructure, collaboration, and alignment to better support children from birth to age 5 and their families.
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Professional development, customized and delivered.

How can you retain the brightest and most productive employees? One of the best solutions to employee turnover is a commitment to training. Here’s how two GCN member nonprofits do it.
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Happy hunting, and how it's done

The most important part of your leadership search is having a consistent process. Here’s how senior consultant Mary Bear Hughes makes that process clear and effective for our Nonprofit Consulting Group clients. 
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Member Story

Each month, we publish a “member story”highlighting great causes, chronicling progress made, identifying challenges, and celebrating accomplishments.

Learn how GCN member Golden Key International Honour Society uses academic achievement and a desire to give back to bind together more than two million young leaders that make up a global movement.
Read their story

The power of influence

At a series of small-group conversations facilitated by Tom Tierney, chairman and co-founder of The Bridgespan Group, participants explored strategies for developing and utilizing influence to achieve specific goals.
Read more

Social media strategies for aspiring thought leaders

Thought leaders drive conversations online and off. They influence others, shape percep­tions in their field, and serve as the go-to source for those seeking to understand sector issues. Here, social media guru Beth Kanter shares some tips to get started.
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Policy Alert: Proposed changes to FLSA overtime regulations

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed changes to rules that govern overtime compensation under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that would significantly increase the number of employees eligible for overtime pay by increasing the exemption threshold. 


While GCN appreciates the need to ensure that the regulations keep pace with the evolving workplace and economy, we are very concerned that this rule will further exacerbate an already complicated set of regulations for nonprofit employers and employees, and pose potentially massive financial impact to Georgia nonprofits.  

Read GCN's position and advocacy on the issue, and how your organization can take action now.

In the latest GCN annual report, read about our continuing work to support Georgia’s nonprofits in building thriving communities, highlighting 2014 initiatives to equip sector leaders with the skills and networks they need; arm nonprofits with high-performance practices; build a giving movement through Georgia Gives Day; and nurture the people who power nonprofits with career support and professional development.

Read our Annual Report

Funding Your Mission with a Social Enterprise

There are more ways to generate revenue than asking for it, as proven in this roundup of successful business ventures run—and capitalized on—by 13 member nonprofits.

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The youngest leader in the room

Four young nonprofit leaders had plenty of advice for next-generation leaders, in this panel discussion attended by our 2014 Nonprofit Leaders 30 Under 30 honorees. 
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How CHRIS Kids leads

Our Board Chair-CEO conversation series continues with this look at what makes CHRIS Kids CEO Kathy Colbenson and Board Chair Chad Duncan an effective leadership duo. 
Read more.

For Fun and Profit: How Kate’s Club plans for event success

From our NOW “case study” series: Rethinking their approach to events, GCN member Kate’s Club consolidated two different yearly events into one annual gala, and created a hit on multiple levels.
Read more.

Getting Unstuck with Design Thinking

How do 54 of Georgia’s top nonprofit leaders come together to brainstorm ideas and develop workable solutions for real-world nonprofit challenges—in a single afternoon? With the Design Thinking process, as demonstrated in a recent “Collective Solutions” workshop led by GCN in partnership with The Home Depot Foundation. 
Read more

Who's on board?

Why do your board members serve? What does your governance team need? Starting with new data on what drives board members, and featuring simple-but-powerful tools for organizing your board development strategy and getting your recruitment efforts underway, we provide a foolproof primer to help you get it right from the start.
Read more

Announcing Westside Momentum

In partnership with The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, we are excited to bring our Momentum process to Atlanta's Historic Westside neighborhoods, providing three years of learning, coaching and sharing to help nonprofits play a primary role in revitalizing Castleberry Hill, English Avenue and Vine City.
Read more

GCN’s research on The Economic Impact of Georgia's Nonprofit Sector, conducted in partnership with Georgia Tech, quantifies the powerful and growing contribution of nonprofits to our state’s economy and offers recommendations to leverage our strength.
Read our findings

Make our blog part of your routine as your link to the daily pulse of the Georgia nonprofit sector. We’ll be posting everything from GCN community news, just-announced member events, and commentary from sector leaders, to the latest research findings, live updates from the field, and the rest of our daily musings. Read our blog.

Upcoming Events

10.14.15 | Atlanta

Member Event | Max Your Georgia Gives Day Campaign

Join us for the 2015 kick-off event, featuring a panel conversation of nonprofits who led highly successful 2014 campaigns and our media partners, and breakout sessions about building #SocialMediaBuzz, leveraging incentive funds, planning a winning campaign, and crafting strategies to attract new donors to your cause. Learn more.

10.23.15 | Atlanta

Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic

A full-day forum for nonprofit executives and board members: explore the best practices that drive exceptional governance, and receive an individualized assessment of your board. Learn more.

11.04.15 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Human Resource Management

A comprehensive but practical foundation across the major HR functions critical to any organization’s success. Learn more.

11.06.15 | Atlanta

End of Year Campaigns

Join fellow GCN members to learn how to leverage your end-of-year giving campaigns to get more bang for your buck—and your board. Learn more.

11.12.15 | Atlanta

Writing Winning Grants

Learn how to turn organizational needs into fundable ideas and present them in competitive proposals in our all-day workshop. Learn more.

12.08.15 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Finance & Accounting

Prepare for growth in the financial management role through this comprehensive 4-part series. Learn more.

1.27.16 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Organization Management

This 360-degree orientation to NPO program management will help you learn the sector inside and out. Learn more.

2.02.16 | Atlanta

Certificate of Supervision & Management

Prepare for a supervisory role with the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective manager and team leader. Learn more.

3.01.16 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Volunteer Management

Discover the keys to effective volunteer recruitment, training, organization, and engagement in our 4-part series. Learn more.

3.02.16 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership

Develop the fundamental skills of effective leaders to think and act strategically. Learn more.

4.07.16 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Board Governance

Learn the core principles that drive nonprofit board effectiveness. Learn more.

4.20.16 | Atlanta

High Potential Diverse Leaders

Our annual HPDL program prepares “rising stars” for executive-level careers in the sector. Applications for our 2015 cohort are due March 31. Learn more.

4.26.16 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Program Management

Our two-day series covers the essentials: community needs assessment, administration, roles and responsibilities, evaluation, budgeting, marketing, and funding. Learn more.

5.05.16 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Finance & Accounting

Prepare for growth in the financial management role through this comprehensive 4-part series. Learn more.

5.11.16 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Human Resource Management

A comprehensive but practical foundation across the major HR functions critical to any organization’s success. Learn more.

5.12.16 | Atlanta

Writing Winning Grants

Learn how to turn organizational needs into fundable ideas and present them in competitive proposals in our all-day workshop. Learn more.