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Developing sector leaders.

With innovative programs like Nonprofit CEO Peerspectives and High Potential Diverse Leaders, executive coaching from our Nonprofit Consulting Group, and a rich trove of online resources, GCN advances Georgia’s vanguard of nonprofit leaders while fostering the next generation. Learn more

Building a giving movement

Our third annual “flashmob of giving” broke all the records, raising $2.3 million from 17,742 donations to more than 2,000 participating nonprofits statewide—to date, raising more than $5 million for Georgia nonprofits—and fueled by a collaboration of nonprofits, foundations, companies, government, and individuals who care. Read more

Challenging with new ideas.

At member-exclusive events, in the pages of Georgia Nonprofit NOW, and here, at, thought leaders, practitioners, and sector experts inspire new solutions: activating cause champions, linking mission to money, preparing for leadership transition, and much more. View the calendar of upcoming events.

Building High Performance DNA.

GCN’s powerful approach to strategy development raises the bar every day: in our Nonprofit Consulting Group's work, and through our Momentum process, which is transforming performance among cohorts of nonprofit leaders in communities around the stateLearn more

Our mission is your success.

When nonprofits get smarter, stronger, and more sustainable, bigger results happen. GCN Membership is the gateway to insight-enabling tools, performance solutions, and powerful networks to help Georgia nonprofits maximize their commmunity impact. Learn more about the benefits of GCN Membership.


Latest News & Resources

Lead. It’s what you do every day, whether your title says so or not. 


Leadership is a muscle you build by doing, but it also takes training to realize your full potential—training, and a plan. In this issue, we look at a few aspects of that plan with help from leadership training experts at GCN and around the country. And we hear from Georgia leaders at Camp Twin Lakes and CHRIS Kids, Coca-Cola’s Lisa Borders, and others, about how they advance their ability to lead.


We hope that what you read will help you take the next step: create a plan for developing your leadership skills, and help drive your organization—and your mission—to success.

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Member Story

Each month, we publish a “member story”highlighting great causes, chronicling progress made, identifying challenges, and celebrating accomplishments.

From a two-person operation out of a family garage to a cutting-edge warehouse in Stone Mountain, Friends of Disabled Adults and Children has addressed inevitable growing pains head-on by remaining faithful to their mission and strategic plan.
Read their story

Funding Your Mission with a Social Enterprise

There are more ways to generate revenue than asking for it, as proven in this roundup of successful business ventures run—and capitalized on—by 13 member nonprofits. Read more

Getting Unstuck with Design Thinking

How do 54 of Georgia’s top nonprofit leaders come together to brainstorm ideas and develop workable solutions for real-world nonprofit challenges—in a single afternoon? With the Design Thinking process, as demonstrated in a recent “Collective Solutions” workshop led by GCN in partnership with The Home Depot Foundation. 
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Ten Years on the Right Path

CEO Doug Shipman navigated a decade of planning, campaigning, compromise, and construction before opening the Center for Civil and Human Rights this summer. In this conversation with GCN's Karen Beavor, Shipman reveals what it takes to stay focused and adaptable during the long journey from idea to reality. 
Members, read the NOW interview

The youngest leader in the room

Four young nonprofit leaders had plenty of advice for the new generation of leaders, in a recent panel discussion attended by our Nonprofit Leaders 30 Under 30 honorees. 
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Linking Mission to Money

According to Allen Proctor, speaking at a GCN member event, every nonprofit needs a “dual business model” that includes profitable services that fund money-losing mission-centric programs.
Read the NOW article

GCN’s research on The Economic Impact of Georgia's Nonprofit Sector, conducted in partnership with Georgia Tech, quantifies the powerful and growing contribution of nonprofits to our state’s economy and offers recommendations to leverage our strength.
Read our findings

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Professional development, customized and delivered.

How can you retain the brightest and most productive employees? One of the best solutions to employee turnover is a commitment to training. Here’s how two GCN member nonprofits do it.
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Social media strategies for aspiring thought leaders

Thought leaders drive conversations online and off. They influence others, shape percep­tions in their field, and serve as the go-to source for those seeking to understand sector issues. Here, social media guru Beth Kanter shares some tips to help you get started.
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The sector is big, but are we strong?

GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor offers 6 tips for “Finding our Advocacy Mojo.”
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How do nonprofits develop the capacity to meet community need? By working smarter, and by working together. Over the past year, GCN continued to leverage our influence, know-how, and assets to forge powerful partnerships, help great ideas scale, and produce High Performance Nonprofits across our state.
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Make our blog part of your routine as your link to the daily pulse of the Georgia nonprofit sector. We’ll be posting everything from GCN community news, just-announced member events, and commentary from sector leaders, to the latest research findings, live updates from the field, and the rest of our daily musings. Read our blog.

Who's on board?

Why do your board members serve? What does your governance team need? Starting with new data on what drives board members, and featuring simple-but-powerful tools for organizing your board development strategy and getting your recruitment efforts underway, we provide a foolproof primer to help you get it right from the start.
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Upcoming Events

1.27.15 | Atlanta

Nonprofit CEO Peerspectives

Our 2015 cohort begins! Now in its fourth year, this unique executive leadership forum brings Atlanta sector leaders together for a six-part series of critical conversations, plus executive coaching. Learn more.

5.13.15 | Atlanta

Writing Winning Grants

Learn how to turn organizational needs into fundable ideas and present them in competitive proposals in our all-day workshop. Learn more.