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In the Spring issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW, we’re focusing on what it takes to lead through change, including practices for weathering uncertain times; an introduction and invitation to GCN’s new advocacy coalition; and a look at how members are scaling up, rebranding, joining forces, and building cultural intelligence. Plus: Crafting your resource development plan, strategy from GPB’s new head of fundraising, and more.

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Call to Action: Healthcare Reconciliation

June 27, 2017 - As soon as this week, we expect a vote by the U.S. Senate on legislation to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Now, more than ever, we as sector leaders need to stand up and make our voices heard about the potentially devastating impact that passage of this proposed legislation will have on our constituents and our state. We urge you to reach out to our Georgia Senators and local elected officials immediately, employing both mission-focused and economic arguments to exert pressure while this bill is still being debated. 

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Thinking like an entrepreneur

In this roundtable discussion, the Nonprofit Consulting Group team experts conducting our freshly-launched business accelerator reveal how sector leaders can benefit from a more entrepreneurial mindset.
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Member Story

Each month, we publish a “member story”—highlighting great causes, chronicling progress made, identifying challenges, and celebrating accomplishments.

With a commitment to holistic support for children and their families, Sheltering Arms produces long-term, community-wide benefits, including a stronger economy, lower crime rates, and a healthier populace.  

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Nonprofit Voice

Your impact is at the center of GCN's mission. In this spirit, our Nonprofit Voice blog series invites member leaders to speak up about the causes they champion—and how they advance them through community outreach, as policy advocates, and in their everyday work.  

In the latest edition, we explore how Georgia Equality is working to make laws that reflect public attitudes. 

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Yes, you can lobby—and so much more!

Many nonprofits think that their hands are tied when it comes to working with elected officials. But as an organization with members, donors, and volunteers, you have the power to influence a lot of people—and that makes you important to anyone who answers to voters. Yes, you can lobby, but there are rules.

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Who's on board?

Why do your board members serve? What does your governance team need? Starting with new data on what drives board members, and featuring simple-but-powerful tools for organizing your board development strategy and getting your recruitment efforts underway, we provide a foolproof primer to help you get it right from the start.
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Building Momentum for Atlanta's Westside

In partnership with The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, GCN leads a three-year Westside Momentum process, providing this intensive learning, coaching and peer sharing experience to strengthen the nonprofits who are playing a primary role in revitalizing these historic comunities.
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Upcoming Events

8.08.17 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Facilities Management

Learn how to plan, renovate, and maintain your facilities in this five-part series, presented by facilitators from the Atlanta Chapter of International Facility Management Association (IFMA). Learn more.

8.09.17 | Atlanta

Certificate of Fundraising | Introduction to Fundraising

Prepare for growth in the development role with these six foundation-building courses, through a comprehensive orientation to the crucial area of nonprofit fundraising. Learn more.

8.23.17 | Atlanta

Member Event | Family 2 Family Nonprofit Media Summit

Join GCN and the WSB-TV Family 2 Family project for our fourth annual forum about promoting your nonprofit's work and impact through television, radio, print and digital media. What makes this day-long Summit unique are the presenters; a panel of media veterans, the very people you pitch on a daily basis. Learn more.

8.24.17 | Atlanta

Master Class | Designing and Executing World-Class Fundraising Events

Exclusively for seasoned development pros, this advanced program provides hands-on coaching and personalized learning to help you master the art of fundraising event management. Learn more.

9.13.17 | Carrollton

Alice Huffard Richards Strategic Planning

Exclusively for West Georgia nonprofits: This one-day training provides the techniques and tools required to produce the all-important nonprofit strategic plan. Learn more.

9.14.17 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Organization Management

This 360-degree orientation to NPO program management will help you learn the sector inside and out. Learn more.

9.19.17 | Atlanta

Certificate of Change Management

NEW! Lead to effectively drive positive change. A two-day series overview of change management theory and strategies for driving a change process, managing resistance to change, and helping others more effectively support your agenda for change. Learn more.

10.04.17 | Atlanta

Certificate of Financial Vitality

NEW! Create a thriving organization in a challenging funding environment. Learn to create a thriving organization in a challenging funding environment, ensuring your organization can go beyond managing a budget for survival, and truly invest in expanding your mission impact, with our four-part series. Learn more.

10.19.17 | Atlanta

Certificate of Fundraising | Marketing and Communications

Learn how to structure your development department in a way that strategically supports your organizational goals. Learn more.

11.13.17 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Program Management

Our two-day series covers the essentials: community needs assessment, administration, roles and responsibilities, evaluation, budgeting, marketing, and funding. Learn more.

1.09.18 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Organization Management

This 360-degree orientation to NPO program management will help you learn the sector inside and out. Learn more.

2.01.18 | Atlanta

Certificate of Supervision & Management

Prepare for a supervisory role with the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective manager and team leader. Learn more.

3.13.18 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Volunteer Management

Discover the keys to effective volunteer recruitment, training, organization, and engagement in our 4-part series. Learn more.

4.18.18 | Atlanta

Certificate of Nonprofit Accounting

Prepare for growth in the financial management role through this comprehensive 5-part series. Learn more.